Friday, 21 Jan 2022

3 Fun Ideas to Increase Your Child’s Smartness Level

Studies have shown that the initial years of a baby’s life are the most important for learning. However, sometimes finding new ways to encourage your baby may be difficult. Here are a few fun ideas.

1. Encourage Physical Activities and Enrich Experiences

Carry your baby in a backpack, sling or front carrier and describe whatever you see, like “See, that’s a cat”, “These are trees”, “This is a beautiful red flower”, “Did you hear that car’s horn?” and so on. This way you’ll increase your baby’s vocabulary.

You can develop your kid’s motor skills by building an obstacle course with pillows, sofa cushions or toys on the floor and showing your child how she can crawl under, over and around the objects.

A simple activity to encourage your baby to be active is to lie down on the floor or bed and let your child crawl and climb all over you. This will boost his problem-solving skills and coordination.

You can even buy ride on toys for toddlers from Step2 Direct to give your baby a fun experience. You can also buy baby jumpers for one of the activities check jolly jumper weight capacity for more information.

Take her to shopping in the supermarket. This will enrich her experiences with new faces, colours and sounds and she will be thoroughly entertained.

Another simple trick to enrich your baby’s experience is to change his usual place at the dining table. This will help him change his angle of looking at things.

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2. Teach Textures

If your child is fond of pulling out tissues from the box, allow her to do that. It won’t cost you much, but your baby will get an invaluable sensory experience that she can crumple or smooth out.

You can even hide her small toys under them and she will be enthralled when she’ll “find” them.

Take fabrics of various kinds, such as linen, wool, silk and terrycloth in a box. Now gently rub each of these fabrics on your child’s hands, feet, cheeks and tummy, describing the way it feels.

Take your baby in your arms and walk him around the house or garden, and touch his hands to various things, like soft laundry, cool window, smooth flower petal etc. telling him the names of each object.

Serve her foods of various textures such as pasta, cereal, chunks of cantaloupe or cooked peas. She will practise her pincer grip and explore her senses.

3. Create Memories

Show your child your family album that includes the photographs of near as well as distant relatives, and flip through it regularly to create your child’s memories.

When your sister will call, show him her picture while he is listening on the phone.

Even you can get a kids soccer goal at Step2 Direct and other toys and capture their photographs while he was playing with them and show him how he looks.

In the same way, you can also create a zoo-book. Next time, when you’ll visit the zoo, capture photos of animals and create an album.

Show her the album, name the animals and if possible make their sounds and tell her their stories.

So, are you ready to increase your child’s smartness level?

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