Friday, 21 Jan 2022

4 Exquisite Timex Pieces that You Just Can’t Ignore!

If the Devil were to wear a watch, it wouldn’t be just any watch. You know the answer to that: It has to be a Timex. 

Let’s admit the fact that a brand like Timex speaks for itself. It is amongst the largest luxury watch brands, producing a large number of watches per day. Needless to say, they are all crafted with great precision and accuracy. The brand offers style, panache and certainly, utility. 

Timex watches have dominated the luxury segment for over a century with irresistible style and unequalled functionality. The competitors have tried to keep up with manufacturing time-pieces for numerous purposes, but, they lag behind as a matter of significance. 

If you’re looking for an instrument of horology that perfectly suits your temperament, we bring you a list of four stylish watches for men. 

  1. Exploring the charm of newly launched American document 

Some wristwatches echo the tradition of yesteryears but at the same time they cater the needs of today’s time—this is what Timex American documents is all about. Reaching out to the lores of people, cultures, and landscapes in general, these set of watches can bewitch the heart of a perfectionist. If at all, we have to describe the true essence of this precisely crafted watch then it has to be high quality swiss movements blended with subtle American watchmaking. 

P.s.- These exquisite wristwatches arrive in solid cherry wood case which is hand rubbed and showcase a natural finish—Yet another cherry on top! 

  1. Something overtly classic 

As time has progressed, the instruments to measure it have evolved substantially. To put it differently, they’re not instruments anymore, but, adored as jewelry as well. This one from Timex executive collection is the brand’s crowning jewelry watch. Showcasing a jet-black dial on a solid gold background, this watch is overtly boastful in nature and absolutely perfect for gentlemen who are a little boisterous in attitude (In a good way of course!). 

  1. Something to satiate the needs of adventure enthusiasts 

Heeding the summons of aquatic adventures is inevitable. It’s not just a matter of keeping time with high and low tides, but, owning the right instrument is mandatory while sailing. Hover over the blue waters with the confidence as expounded by the blend of function and style this watch provides. The dial features distinguished markers with a sporty new dial for utmost convenience while being immersed in quick and agile activity. 

  1. Subtle yet Impactful 

It is hard to find timepieces that are subtle yet impactful in their approach. This charming piece from Timex’s classic collection is known for being a tool for the modern-day go-getter. The watch functions the same under extreme temperatures, proving to be better than a quartz watch. By no means, does it feel out of place while doing everyday activities. Since buying watches in India online has become so much easier, all thanks to internet, you can order this classic piece with a click of a button.