Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

4 Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Tips For Singapore Bakers And Chefs

Cafes and restaurants need countless machines, supplies, and furniture pieces to prepare and serve food to their customers. Food and beverage owners like you should invest a significant amount of money in high-quality tables and chairs to let your patrons comfortably dine in your establishment. You will also need to purchase utensils and dinnerware that can help you present your food in a fascinating and delectable way. Moreover, get appliances like a gas stove, convection oven, and commercial freezer from a reliable Singapore supplier to help you prepare your signature dishes and desserts.

But like almost everything in this world, your establishment’s kitchen equipment, tableware, and furniture pieces can lose their functionality over time. They can malfunction due to incorrect installation or usage. They can encounter defects because of overuse or age.

Fortunately, you can prolong their lives and functionality by maintaining them. By learning how cafe or restaurant owners like you can look after everything that helps you serve food to your customers, you can keep your appliances and furnishings from breaking and deteriorating.

To begin your journey to maintaining your restaurant supplies, here are four tips to help you care for the ever-so-reliable and hardworking kitchen equipment in your Singapore establishment:

1. Have A Strict Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning is the first and most crucial step to maintaining your kitchen equipment. If you regularly defrost your commercial freezer and scrub the gunk off your convection oven, these appliances will likely experience fewer issues that would impact your restaurant’s operations.

2. Lubricate The Moving Parts

While cleaning the chiller or UNOX oven in your Singapore facility, make sure to oil all their moving components with a food-grade lubricant. Doing so will keep excessive friction from troubling the appliances and prevent them from causing defects.

3. Spot And Address Early Signs Of Defects

As soon as you notice unusual sights, sounds, or smells exuding from your kitchen appliances, do not think twice about seeking help from a trustworthy professional to address them. You can even seek help from your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore and allow them to diagnose the issue.

4. Follow The Correct Usage Instructions

Every kitchen equipment in your Singapore facility has a specific function. They also have dedicated buttons, switches, or dials that allow them to perform their duties. If you and your staff use your restaurant or cafe appliances according to their intended purpose, you will not encounter headache-inducing problems that require expensive repair fees.

Additionally, knowing when to replace your kitchen equipment is crucial in looking after your restaurant appliances. If you need a new commercial freezer or gas stove, you can find a high-quality and durable one at Bakers & Chefs. Visit their website to browse their impressive selection of kitchen equipment.