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  4 Reasons to Buy Vintage Mens and Womens LV Shoulder Bags as First-Timers

Louis Vuitton is unquestionably the most famous handbag brand worldwide. Bag enthusiasts cannot go wrong buying mens and womens shoulder bags from Louis Vuitton. It is the reason LV bags are great for first-time luxury bag shoppers.

4 Reasons LV is the Best Choice for First-Timers

The top advantages of choosing Louis Vuitton as your first luxury handbag purchase include quality, craftsmanship, and resale value. However, there are several more reasons you should possess a bag from one of the most renowned brands worldwide.

#1 Affordable Luxury

Louis Vuitton provides a wide range of handbags, from inexpensive luxury to ultra-luxury. You do not have to be a billionaire to buy a hand or waist bag for men or women from LV. The cost of their bags makes it easier for anybody to discover something they like. In terms of prices, it is a bargain for the typical lady, especially in the grand scheme of designer handbags.

#2 Expansive Options

The luxury brand is known for the monogram canvas on their mens and womens hand and tote bag collections. However, the logo prints are not for everyone. There are lots of additional alternatives, in addition to whatever adorns the runways that season. Louis Vuitton releases new designs almost every season that caters to diverse tastes.

#3 Quality Prioritisation

Another compelling argument for choosing this brand as your first luxury buy is that you will not have to worry about damage. The loyal customer base of Louis Vuitton like their handbags because they are nearly indestructible. The canvas is constructed of a highly durable material since it is for creating alluring travel gear such as bags. This reason makes LV the ideal handbag for any low-maintenance male or female.

#4 Widely Available

Louis Vuitton is simple to buy and found almost anywhere. Their mens and womens shoulder bags are available in their online store or at authorised retailers and resellers. Nonetheless, because there are a lot of fakes out there, make sure you hunt for the best places to get the handbag.

Whatever your motive for picking Louis Vuitton as your first luxury bag, do some research on the brand beforehand. Learning about the history of the renowned bag brand will help you appreciate its antique beauty and its long-term value.


6 Reasons to Buy a Vintage LV Bag

While on the subject of antique beauty and long-term value, vintage LV bags are the best in this area. New is not always preferable. Vintage and pre-owned mens and womens hand or shoulder bags are often made even better by the thrill of the hunt or a great purchase. The following are six reasons you should look for vintage Louis Vuitton handbags.

#1 Patina: Ageing Like Fine Wine

The colour shift of the vachetta cowhide trim and handles is patina. All LV bags made of this material start pale beige and gradually deepen to a rich honey colour over time. It is due to sunshine, weather, oxidation, oil, and other factors. You may either wait for years or buy a unique and exquisite pre-owned LV bag to develop a patina. Many individuals prefer the deeper honey tone over practically white leather for various reasons, although it can indicate the age of your item.

#2 Affordability

Why pay the original price of a handbag when you can get the identical one for less? Buying preloved items lets you afford luxury mens and womens hand and shoulder bags at a much more affordable price. Furthermore, reputable luxury resellers supply things in excellent condition. The only difference is that they are less expensive.

#3 Durability

You do not have to worry about quality or durability when purchasing a designer handbag. Nothing is more frustrating than spending a small sum on a bag that only lasts a season. On the other hand, brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Chanel combine high-quality materials and artisanship to create items that can last a lifetime.

#4 The Bags are Investments

Many releases can cost more than when they first came out. It is due to their long and illustrious history. Often, it can be due to the item being incredibly rare. Buying rare and limited mens or womens hand or shoulder bags is another method for investing your money.

For example, the limited edition Pumpkin Minaudiere Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama handbag sold for $133,430 in 2012. Furthermore, the brand only made five pieces of the bag to sell. The purse is worth nearly twice its original retail price in 2020 as a preloved handbag.


#5 Rarity & Exclusivity

It is a known fact that brands like Louis Vuitton destroy all unsold items at the end of the season. Due to this, the ones they have sold are made rare. You are unlikely to see another piece of various LV mens or womens shoulder bags on the hands of someone. If you don’t want to run into another fashionista with the same item as you, vintage is the way to go. They’re much more exclusive and difficult to get by.

#6 Collectible Items

Collecting is an art form, whether done for pleasure or profit. Furthermore, the better the collection, the rarer and more expensive the handbags are. A Louis Vuitton handbag is a must-have for every luxury collector, whether they have been collecting for years or are just starting to build their collections. As mentioned above, LV mens and womens hand and shoulder bags are even rarer as time passes, making them highly collectable.

Louis Vuitton has been catering to the male market through their mens backpack, shoulder and clutch bags. Each item exudes elegance, tradition, and modernism that one should expect from luxury brands.

There are three places where you can get your hands on the desired LV mens or womens tote, hand or sling bag. You can get the most recent releases at their official stores, browse secondhand and resale shops or order them online. Regardless of where you purchase LV products, each piece exudes flair, elegance, tradition, and modernity. Check out their website to learn about the styles they release for the season.