Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

4 Tips To Properly Maintain Your Paper Shredder

Every workplace knows how to purchase functional items, such as furniture and an air purifier in Singapore. Apart from these things, a paper shredder is one of the many valuables at your office. It’s your friend after all!

There are different ways to ensure that your paper shredder is maintained well. While it does handle multiple pages simultaneously without difficulty, it still needs proper care and maintenance! Without further ado, here are a few things for looking after your document shredder:

1. Have a schedule for emptying the shredder

Every shredding machine in Singapore has its own different bin volume to accommodate shredded papers. Your shredder’s bin can end full—no matter how bulky it may be at the end of the day. As part of maintaining your equipment, have a schedule for dumping them at least once or twice a month, even if it isn’t full.

2. Keep them clean every month

If you plan to buy a paper shredder in Singapore, consider dedicating time to clean it at least once a month. While it may seem like the machine isn’t prone to getting dirt every once in a while, it will help prolong the life cycle of the blades, keeping them sharp. However, if you’re not a heavy user, you can at least have it cleaned every several months. 

3. Avoid overloading your shredder

Buying a paper shredder is almost the same as buying an air ionizer in Singapore—you have to consider the specifications to determine if it can fit your needs. Every paper shredder has its own shredding capacity. Some can handle 20-sheets without a problem, while others may start struggling with 10. Consider learning this factor to avoid overloading your shredder and prevent premature damage.

4. Give it a cool-down time

Yes. Your paper shredder needs a cool-down time. After shredding a number of pages or a bulky sheet, you might consider giving it a moment to cool down before using it again to avoid overheating.

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