Wednesday, 10 Aug 2022

5 Factors that make e-cigarette a popular fashion choice

Gone are the days when vaping was meant only for those who wish to quit smoking. In the present day and age, people are opting for this as an alternative to traditional cigarettes or just for pleasure. Surveys show that a considerable number of vapers were not smokers before starting with e-cigarettes. Even the sellers have also given up with their earlier catch lines and are playing around more fancy taglines that are directed to fun and fashion. With numerous e cigarette liquid flavors fused into the market, these products have gained popularity even in women. It has become more sophisticated than ever and has found a place in the gatherings and even the everyday life of many elite class people. The inclination of many celebrities towards vaping also draws more people towards it. Here are some exclusive factors which make e-cigarettes a loved trend.


  • It is a substitute for conventional cigarettes


Surveys and studies in different parts of the world show that there is a significant drop in the number of smokers. These surveys also suggest that a prominent reason for these surprising observations is the shift of smokers from traditional cigarettes to vaping. It has become a popular alternative for smokers. Reasons for this switch are many such as it is acceptable in many areas that otherwise restrict smoking, it is less harmful to passive smokers, etc.


  • It is safer than tobacco smoking


Unlike traditional cigarettes that contain carcinogenic substances, e-cigarettes are much safer. These are far better options than nicotine-based cigarettes, chewing gums, patches, or tar-based products. The risks to your health are often similar to those associated with smokeless tobacco. The mortality rate with vaping is also extremely low that gives a further boost. The risks are even lower if you choose to smoke only e-juice without nicotine.


  • It costs less


Another reason that leads to the popularity of vaping is its cost-effectiveness. You need to make initial spendings on the vaping kit and a few e-juices. Once your kit is ready, it can serve you for a long time. If you are a beginner, you can choose to pick a low-cost kit to ensure that it suits you and serves the purpose. If your smoking and vaping consumptions are similar, vaping can cost up to 10 times lesser than the traditional cigarettes.


  • You get the same thrill of chasing clouds


The excitement of cloud chasing is another reason for the increasing love of the people for e-cigarettes. Cloud chasing has become so popular that some enthusiasts even buy special vaping kits to be able to create gigantic vapor. The manufacturers also bring increasingly interesting products to the market. With devices comprising low-resistance coils and specially developed e-liquids, you can produce several desired cloud effects with vapes.


  • You get plenty of variety in flavors


Conventional cigarettes had limited flavor options like mint effect and cherry tobacco. However, e-cigarettes offer such a wide range of flavor options that you will take a lifetime to try them all. You name it and they have that flavor to satisfy your taste. To name a few you can pick from caramel, candy, honey, butterscotch, etc if you like it sweet. For people who like it sour, there are options like lime, grapes, kiwi, pineapple, etc.