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5 Of The Most Fashionable Professional Poker Players

With casinos closed, online poker experienced a major boom during the height of the pandemic. Granted, the poker-from-home experience was extremely comfortable. However, nothing beats the real thing.

That’s probably why passionate poker players rushed back to casinos when they reopened in early 2021. The early months of last year saw American casinos matched their best quarter in history — the first of 2019, incidentally. This is despite the fact that most venues only allowed less than 50% capacity at the time.

As it becomes safer to head back to the poker room, though, you’ll have to ditch the hoodie and sweatpants to wear “real” clothes again. But after a couple of pandemic years, you might be a little rusty. Fear not — we’ve compiled a short but sweet list of the most fashionable professional poker players to inspire your stylish return to live action.

Tony Dunst


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Many would think that a suit and tie would make you look overdressed at the casino. Yet pro player Tony Dunst disproves this flawlessly. Dunst usually plays in a crisp two-piece suit, compete with button-up shirt, and matching tie. He’s mastered both business casual attire and poker, having won a WSOP bracelet and more than $4 million in total live earnings. When emulating his style, don’t forget to throw on a pair of loafers from Kenneth Cole or Florsheim.

Olivia Boeree


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Retired pro Liv Boeree’s experience as a model, TV host, and actress means she was always the best-dressed at every poker event. During her poker career — throughout which she won nearly $4 million in live earnings and a WSOP bracelet — Boeree was known for wearing sleek bodycon dresses or chic blazers thrown over simple blouses. We’ve previously described these last two items as some things every girl should have in their wardrobe, so kudos to Boeree for taking must-have standards and elevating them. You can do the same when you next hit the poker tables.

Daniel Negreanu


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Negreanu is probably one of the most recognizable names in the game. One of the greatest poker players to ever play, he’s won six WSOP bracelets, two WPT championship titles, and at least $42 million in live earnings (and he’s not done yet). Negreanu is also undeniably confident –– something that carried over into his attire. You’ll often see him in a sports jacket or blazer paired with a polo shirt and slacks or jeans. Add a pair of his signature Louboutin sneakers and some of his confidence just might rub off on you.

Vivian Saliba


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Though Vivian Saliba is more of a casual dresser, she always accessorizes well. While amassing winnings of more than $600,000, Saliba would show up to the poker table in her trademark silver hoop earrings, as well as the occasional necklace or bracelet to further accentuate her look. Outside of poker tournaments, she also sports some trusty statement sunglasses. Saliba shows you can confidently wear casual attire at the table — a few trendy choice accessories will make all the difference.

Andrew Moreno


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Facial hair is also an accessorizing weapon in the arsenal of fashion-forward men like Andrew Moreno. He started playing poker at 19 years old, and since then he’s won nearly $700,000 in live earnings. Moreno continues to appeal to younger generations of poker players with his professionally-groomed beard, baseball cap, eye-catching sunglasses, and sometimes a pair of AirPods to boot. Like Saliba, Moreno shows that you don’t need to try too hard to stand out at the poker table — just use some accessories to make your look pop, and have a suit in your closet for any more formal games.

When it comes to impressing (or throwing off the games of) your opponents at the poker table, it pays to learn from the best. These five pros show you that in poker, you can quite literally dress for success.