Friday, 14 Jun 2024

5 Simple Tricks forProper Maintenanceof Folding Tents

The folding tents are one of the best-selling tents. Its functionality and easy assembly allow us to give it multiple uses. It is very common to use it as a tent for markets, tent for fairs, and sometimes, for sporting events.They are robust and designed to last.

However, we should take into account, certain maintenance details. They are simple actions, but if you carry them out, you are sure that you will have a tent for years. Do you want to know them?

  1. Don’t Hit the Structure

It seems logical, but it is a trick that not everyone follows. It is one thing for us to buy sturdy folding tents, and another thing that they withstand any blow. Therefore, if, for example, when you remove them from your vehicle, you avoid throwing them against the ground, the lifespan of your tent will be longer.

  1. Follow the Indications Offered In the Assembly Instructions

There are many times that we start doing something without reading user manuals. When setting up a 20×30 tent, we see that it is very simple, and we think that we do not need to follow the instructions. Ignore that idea, because if we follow the listed instructions, we can avoid problems later.

  1. Don’t Keep the Canvas withthe Frame

When picking up the tent, we want to do it fast, therefore, we fold the structure and leave the roof on. Hence, the next time we use it, it will take much less time to assemble it.

The problem comes in the maintenance of the roof, because if we keep it with the structure, we can damage it. It can be pinched with the frame irons and cut. Therefore, if we want to avoid problems, remove the roof to store the tent. You will avoid having to buy replacement folding tent roofs in the future.

  1. Dry the Tent When It Rains

Some tents are waterproof, but this does not mean that you can keep them wet. Because with humidity, mold and rust tend to appear. Hence, make sure you store them dry.

  1. Tighten the Frame Bolts From Time To Time

The structures of folding tents require little maintenance. To assemble them, we do not need tools. But from time to time, we can take a screwdriver or an Allen key and tighten the connecting screws. If we do, we will avoid problems in the future.