Friday, 21 Jan 2022

6 Essential Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy

It is vital to keep your feet healthy and take the necessary precautions and healthy measures to prevent unwanted feet related problems. The robust measure you must implement includes maintaining proper hygiene, wearing correctly fitting shoes, and conducting self-examinations regularly. Here are the few tips to keep your feet healthy –

  • Regularly clean and scrub your feet with essential oil and soap. It would keep your feet well-hydrated and clean and also prevent bad bacteria. One must ensure that the feet are kept dry after cleaning as moisture leads to fungal growth and infection.
  • Conduct self-examination of your feet every week by examining the soles and area between the figures for any dirt and debris accumulation or abnormal skin growth. It can help you identify any problems well in advance and take corrective measures immediately. Ignoring it can lead to nail fungus or even Athlete’s foot.
  • Make sure to cut your toenails once every week and be cautious while cutting as not to cut it too much that would lead to painful nail growth or cuts.
  • Avoid using nail polish on an ugly toenail that may be the sign of nail fungus. Using nail polish would only worsen the situation and cause pain.
  • Make sure to never wear socks, shoes, or sandals of someone else, even for a short duration. It can cause fungal and bacterial infection easily.
  • Use socks and shoes that help in soaking the moisture from your feet. The feet perspire a lot, and it is necessary for that accumulation to not stay for long. If your feet are sweaty all the time and you don’t take measure to clean or dry it, there are chances you would suffer from fungal infection soon.

There are many feet care products available at that are essential to keep your feet healthy and free from unwanted infections and feet related problems. Keep your feet healthy by following the above tips, and you won’t be embarrassed next time you have to take off your shoes in front of someone.