Friday, 21 Jan 2022

6 Things to consider while choosing an art t-shirt

Owing to its amazing blend of comfort and style, the t-shirt is the most loved outfit choice for people of all age groups and from all walks of life. In the present day and age, the concept of art t-shirts is making this already popular clothing even more admired across the world. An increasing number of people look for artistic T-Shirts which can complement their style and reflect their personality. Some people choose arts like landscape, animals, florals, etc while others pick typographic patterns that are often inspirational or show their bold attitude. In either case, an easy way to keep greatness in a t-shirt art design is to keep it simple and get the proportion and colors right. Here are a few things to consider to make a flawless choice of your art t-shirt. 


  • Art size and placement


The size of the art design should be in coordination with the size of the garment and its style. Often square and circular art patterns look better when kept a bit smaller than the standard design size. You should also consider the fabric, as small designs may not be clearly visible if the fabric keeps sticking to your body. The placement is also of great importance. Often people think that placing the art at the center of the t-shirt is the best placement. However, art at the center often ends up coming right on your belly when you wear it. To avoid this put the pattern a little above the center.


  • Fonts for typography


Typography is a popular and basic design of art t-shirts. While you can pick any text to print on your t-shirt, it is important to ensure that you pick the right font. You should make sure that the font, font size, letter spacing, and line spacing is appropriate according to the size of the t-shirt. The text should also be well harmonized with the graphic elements if present.


  • Composition of art elements


You learn in your school art classes. The elements in the art design are sized and placed in relation to each other and determine the overall appearance of the design. It is often seen that the elements are either too spaced or too glutted which makes the pattern off balance.


  • Image-quality


A poor-quality image reduces visibility. It makes the pattern look blur and the overall t-shirt looks dull. Typically for a full-size t-shirt, the image resolution should be 200 dpi or higher to get a sharp and clear pattern. Also, pay attention to the image file type vector or raster, or EPS, SI, PDF, or SVG.


  • Color combination and contrast


This is the most important consideration. A well-organized pattern with appropriate color combinations can help you turn heads. However, a minor glitch in this department can also turn heads for all wrong reasons. Make sure that the colors you choose are bright and lively and also look good all together. Always ensure good contrast between the background color and pattern color to enhance the visibility of the important details and overall appearance.


  • The complexity of the art


Understand that human eyes can perceive only a limited amount of information at one look. If your art design is cluttered with a lot of elements, the design will look messy and difficult to register the pattern.