Friday, 21 Jan 2022

6 things to do by yourself to tackle boredom 

Has the Netflix logo been appearing in your dreams lately? Then it’s probably time to switch gears and try to tackle your boredom otherwise. Here’s a list of activities you can do alone that’ll not only prevent you from getting bored but give you joy while doing them!

  • Painting 

Seek your inner Bob Ross and paint some happy trees! Painting is relaxing, especially when you don’t hold on to a perfect outcome. Just see what appears on the canvas. 

You can even get a few of those numbered paintings that just need to be filled in with the right colour. You don’t have to bother with the result nor the process, you just need to match a number to a colour. 

  • Meditating 

For those seeking relaxation, meditating might be a good option. With an app or video, you’ll quickly learn the basics of breathing techniques and controlling thought processes. Battling boredom becomes easy! 

If you enjoy meditating, you may want to try and combine the things you’ve learned with some yoga poses. Mind and body in harmony. 

  • Walking

Walking is good for your health. It stimulates blood flow and can even help you get new ideas and inspiration. Walking alone is especially good for this purpose. It allows you to think, take in nature and zone out of what’s troubling your mind. Moreover, you won’t get bored when all you have to do is walk. 

  • Gaming

Some people truly enjoy online gaming and chatting with players across the world, while others rather game alone without distractions. Gaming can thus be a way of getting in touch or be isolated from the world. Whatever works for you. 

Naturally, there’s more to gaming than just video games. Gaming can also involve a strategy game like chess or even a live streamed game. Luckily, most games can be played from home and don’t require anything more than yourself.

  • Camping 

Doing things alone you’d normally do with others can be liberating. You don’t have to consider any other needs than your own. Camping is a great example of an activity that is generally done with others yet satisfies too when done alone. Sit by your own campfire and have the entire tent to yourself. What a joy! 

  • Cleaning 

The moment you stop seeing cleaning as a chore, it can actually become fun. You just need the right cleaning gear, some music and headphones and a day off. Declutter your entire house, rearrange your wardrobe and clean all the nooks that haven’t been cleaned in ages. You won’t even notice time passing by so quickly. What a way to tackle boredom! 

Sometimes you just have to be bored 

Boredom is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, boredom in itself is a nice change from always living in sixth gear. So be bored when you want to or try to tackle the boredom with the above activities!