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A Fashionista’s Guide to Bracelet Stacking

Did you know that the jewelry industry is worth $325.51 billion? The fashion jewelry industry, jewelry made for costumes or fashion shows, is currently estimated to be worth about $32.9 billion.

The United States has 55,124 jewelry stores across the country. It also employs about 137,141 people.

78{6f764f0318f708328c6abf9082075486836bb668c992439c97bd655ccc97bfe3} of jewelry is bought by women. 35{6f764f0318f708328c6abf9082075486836bb668c992439c97bd655ccc97bfe3} of women prefer white gold jewelry.

Jewelry plays a big role in fashion and can help add character to a person’s outfit, uniquely showcasing their personality. Bracelet stacking is one way to show your sense of fashion. Keep reading to learn some of the best ways to partake in this fashion trend.

Delicate Bracelets Are a Great Choice 

If you’re new to bracelet stacking and aren’t interested in something too big, delicate and dainty bracelets are a perfect choice. Start with a couple of similar colored bracelets. You can never go wrong with silver or gold.

Make sure that you also choose bracelets that are the same weight. These bracelet stacks are simple and comfortable. They’ll also look great with any outfit.

You can choose plain bracelets and a couple with some pendants to add a bit of dimension.

Choose a Focal Point 

When it comes to stacking bracelets the most important thing to keep in mind is to make one bracelet your center. You can choose the biggest bracelet as your center or one with a large cabochon.

You can also choose to make your favorite watch your focal point and layer some bracelets above or below it. Layering your bracelets in this way creates some cohesion while still allowing you to make a bold fashion statement.

Mix up the Styles

If you lean more toward the simple then consider choosing the same styles of bracelets when stacking. If you want to be more adventurous in your fashion choices, consider mixing up the styles and materials of bracelets.

You can also choose the same materials for all of your bracelets but choose different sizes and colors if you want a bit of order and something different at the same time.

Some ideas include mixing different colors of metal bracelets. White and yellow gold look beautiful paired together. You could also choose a thick leather bracelet with some chain bracelets for a more rock and roll look.

Stick to the Classic Bangles 

This is the classic choice when it comes to learning how to layer bracelets. Bangles have been in style for decades and while your mom might’ve worn fun colored bangles in the 80s, gold or silver bangles are the perfect jewelry choice to make today.

Choose bangles in the same color metal for a more sophisticated look. This stack of bracelets looks great for a night out with friends or a day at the office.

Go for a Natural Look 

If your sense of style falls into a more relaxed, boho-chic look then you’ll definitely love stacking wooden beaded bracelets. These look great with casual outfits, jeans, and cotton t-shirts, or loose-fitting dresses.

You can put together your stack of wooden bracelets by adding bracelets of the same size and color. If you want to add a bit of color you can use a multicolored beaded bracelet as your center.

Don’t Wear Other Jewelry 

The art of stacking bracelets isn’t too complicated because there’s a lot of freedom in how you can layer your bracelets and what kind of outfits you can pair them with. There are a couple of fashion rules to keep in mind, however.

When adding some stacked bracelets to your outfit for the day it’s a good idea for your other jewelry to be minimal and simple. Don’t wear multiple rings and choose simple earrings like studs or small hoops.

You can stack bracelets on both arms but even things out by wearing less than you would if you were only stacking your bracelets on one arm. If you’re mixing up both materials and colors then choose neutral tones or just one color in your outfit to balance out the look.

Chain Bracelets Are a Must 

Chain bracelets were made for stacking. On their own, these bracelets might be too simple but when layered with other styles, you’ll add a new dimension to your look for the day.

When layering chain bracelets make sure to play with texture by mixing different sizes of chain bracelets. You can add some bangles and pendant bracelets as well. Mix yellow gold bracelets with silver bracelets for something extra.

There are many beautiful options if you’re looking to add some chain bracelets to your collection. Start your search on

Gemstone Bracelets 

Gemstone bracelets might seem hard to layer but you can wear multiple of the same color. You can also style them by having one multicolored gemstone bracelet in the middle and layering the single-colored bracelets around it.

Gemstone bracelets also pair well with a silver watch as the focal point. These layered bracelets go well with more formal, monochrome outfits. Gemstone bracelets add a pop of color to everyday professional wear.

Coiled Bracelets Make Stacking Easy 

There are many stacking bracelet sets available at jewelry stores and online so that you don’t have to give the process of layering much thought. You can also buy a couple of pairs of coiled bracelets when you don’t have any new ideas for stacking your bracelets.

You can pair two sets of coiled bracelets for a bolder look. It’s even better if they’re two opposite colors.

The Best Tips for Bracelet Stacking 

Bracelet stacking is a great way to elevate your fashion game and add something new to your look. Choosing a focal point for your stack is key. If you want to be a bit bolder try mixing colors and materials when layering your bracelets.

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