Friday, 21 Jan 2022

A Patient’s Guide To Buying Knee Support Products In Singapore

Everyone is prone to get injured in one way or another at some point in their lives. From active athletes to individuals who misstepped at home or work, people are prone to wearing an arm, ankle, or any brace type in Singapore. 

According to a report released by the National Health Statistics in 2016, they recorded an estimated 8.6 million injuries that resulted from sports or recreation from 2011 to 2014. Their research also showed that an average of 34.1 incidents occurred in every 1000 individuals aged five and above. Sustaining injuries is that prevalent—so no matter how cautious you are, you may still experience getting hurt and wounded.

Also, according to medical experts, the most common injuries are strains, sprains, and fractures. The knees are the most susceptible body part to trauma because of the amount of impact they receive. They are commonly affected by overexertion, falls, slips, and bodily contact with various objects. Without wearing a knee or ankle guard in Singapore when participating in sports or performing strenuous movements, your knee may get dislocated, fractured, or torn.


After sustaining an injury, you need ample rest to keep your condition from getting worse. Perform appropriate first aid procedures such as icing the affected area for 15 minutes every few hours. Elevating a well-compressed knee should also be considered to decrease the swelling. While compression wraps can do their job well in easing your discomfort, there is nothing better than investing in a good quality knee support from Singapore that does what it needs to do. But before you visit a supplier and buy a product, you must consider these ten tips to help you get a knee brace that will assist you in your journey to healing and recovery:


Talk To Your Doctor First

Before purchasing a knee or ankle brace in Singapore, you must hear an expert opinion that will point you to the appropriate type of medical support product you need. Talk to your trusted specialist and their recommendations about the essential structure and features of your knee brace suitable for your condition. Without hearing a professional’s thoughts, you may end up buying an ill-fitted cap that does not perform the functions you need.


Understand What It Will Do To Your Knee

While discussing with your doctor about your need for a knee brace, consider asking them about its exact functions that will benefit your healing. Will it act as a compression arm sleeve to reduce the swelling of the affected area? Or will it keep your kneecap in place until it fully heals?


Learn When To Use

The frequency of your knee brace usage highly depends on your case. You may need to keep it on for a while after your surgery or wear it during specific occasions when you need to participate in an athletic or strenuous activity. You can also use it with an ankle guard from Singapore when playing games to protect your leg from complications and other related injuries.


Consider The Types

Knee support products sold in Singapore come in various types. Some are elastic sleeves that slip over your knees, while others wrap around the area. Your doctor may even recommend a hinged knee brace if you had just undergone surgery for better protection and support. Its hinges keep your knees in a correct alignment every time you bend or extend them. Some even have patella tracking features that can keep your dislocated kneecap in place.

A-close-up-image-of-a-bended-legChoose The Correct Size

Like ankle brace units in Singapore, knee support pieces come in different sizes. Physical and online medical supplies stores can teach you how to measure your leg for a correct fit, but your specialist can do a better job in assisting you when picking a brace size that suits your leg length and width.


Think About The Tightness

Not all support products provide customisable tightness features. Some compression arm and knee sleeve variants do not have adjustable straps that will help you squeeze or loosen the wrap around your leg. When choosing a knee brace, pick one with appropriate levels of constriction and support that will still make you feel comfortable when moving. It should not prevent you from raising or stepping your leg and make you lose blood circulation.


Check The Protection Levels

Knee support products from Singapore offer three different protection levels. Level one items provide a lot of flexibility, but they lack support. Meanwhile, braces in level two have more protection, but they are not as elastic as level ones. A level three support unit has the best stability and security features compared to other levels—but they are heavier and less flexible by design to limit your movement after surgery.


Consider Its Materials And Features

Knee and ankle brace models sold in Singapore come in different fabrics. If you have skin issues, getting a support product with breathable and lightweight textiles would be better for you. Thicker variants with paddings are suitable for individuals looking for better support.


Ask About Side Effects

Using a knee or ankle guard in Singapore comes with risks. It can make the affected area feel hot or heavy. If the brace fits poorly, it may even slip off your leg while in use. Your skin might also get itchy, irritated, or worse, get inflamed. It can also lead to joint stiffness if unused correctly. There are also limited benefits associated with knee support usage for some individuals. Before buying any braces or guards, make sure to do enough research to help you understand how it can help you.


Use With Knee Pain Management Practices

Having an ankle or knee brace in Singapore alone cannot guarantee your healing. You need to observe a list of correct knee management practices and follow the orders of your doctor. While keeping your knee supported and protected with a brace, you should limit your movement as much as you can to prevent complications.

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