Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Alterations specialist in London

How many beloved outfits do you have sitting in the back of your wardrobe that no longer fit properly? We can get very attached to our clothes, and sometimes we cannot bear to part with them, especially if they hold special memories for us of significant events.

Do you still have the dress you wore when proposed to by your partner, yet it no longer fits you? Why let it sit neglected in the back of your wardrobe when our expert team of alteration specialists in London can make that dress fit and functional again!

Our highly trained and experienced in-house clothing alteration teams at American Dry Cleaning Company across London can alter your ill-fitting clothes and bring them back to life.

Hold on to your favourite outfits

It feels wonderful when our clothing alteration teams can take your outfits and give them a new lease of life. We have so many regular customers that use our other services bring in their favourite outfits once they learn we offer a specialist alteration service.

We are told so many stories that sit behind our customer’s clothes; some of them are really touching. This is why it can be so difficult for people to part with clothes that have special meaning when they no longer fit.

But with our expert alterations services, you can keep on wearing them for many years to come and keep those precious memories alive. We understand that many outfits hold sentimental value with our customers, and that is why we take the very best care with each and every garment we alter.

Making your clothes feel more comfortable

It is not only people’s favourite outfits that we can alter to fit. We can also take brand new clothes and make some alterations for you to make them fit better and feel more comfortable.

One alteration service we offer that is extremely popular in London is making seam alterations to suit jackets. Many people wear an off-the-peg suit for work in the City, but unfortunately, most off-the-peg suits are cut to standard sizes that may not fit everyone properly.

We are very used to releasing tight underarm seams on suit jackets, shortening cuffs and creating a more slimming cut on jackets that fit the shoulders but are baggy around the waist.

Work skirts that are too long, too tight on the waist or need re-lining are also popular alterations we perform. Many people pay a lot of money for a good quality work suit, so they expect to get a few years wear out of them.

It is not uncommon for us to gain or lose weight over time, so instead of buying a new suit, you can have your existing suit altered to fit so you can get much more wear out of it.

Altering wedding outfits

Weddings are very special occasions where everyone wants to look their best. It is common for people to buy an outfit or a suit for an up and coming wedding and then tone up and lose weight so they look good in the wedding photographs and on the wedding film.

If your bridesmaid dresses are now a little baggy, or the best man needs his suit taking in, we can help!

Bring your outfits to your nearest American Dry Cleaning Company branch in London, and let us work our magic.