Sunday, 3 Jul 2022


Bathroom furniture has evolved from a simple wall-mounted cupboard to storage as efficiently as a kitchen. Bathroom furniture related to water transport is commonly referred to as “sanitary fittings”, and bathroom-specific components such as vanity units are often referred to as “bathroom fittings”. Many things to consider when choosing furniture for your washroom, whether you’re refurbishing your washroom or just looking for a fresh addition to your space. 


Floor-standing bathroom furniture includes cabinets and shelves. It is easily accessible, but the room should be as large as possible and carefully planned to promote circulation. 

 Wall-mounted bathroom furniture includes small items such as cabinets, medicated cabinets, and mirror cabinets, as well as large wall-mounted washbasins with cupboard space or drawers below and a washbasin above. Includes a dressing table. The wall-mounted furniture has the advantage of having a view of the floor below, giving the impression of additional space, ideal for a small bathroom shelf or a busy family bathroom. 

 Freestanding bathroom furniture is eye-catching in the room and can hide everything you need. It can be repositioned as needed in the future for easy installation in a modified bathroom or carried around when moving. Free-standing parts can be placed together, but built-in furniture is probably better for maximizing inches, such as lofts and small bathrooms.


 Traditional bathroom furniture has shaker-style panel doors and white or off-white, gray or green lacquered wooden surfaces, and cabinet doors and drawers have knobs rather than handles. It complements traditional baths, sinks and toilets. The contours of traditional furniture are also more winding from time to time. 

 Modern bathroom furniture is often white and often has a glossy finish to reflect light and make a small bathroom look bigger. Like white suites, furniture in this color has a neutral background and you can add color with a budget-friendly purchase such as towels. Doors and drawers often have smooth bar handles or no handles. 

The bathroom furniture matches the atmosphere of a damp room. Often made of MDF or MFC (Melamine Face Particle Board), it can be finished with vinyl, acrylic, laminate, and high-end wooden veneer on the market. Wood is also used in bathroom furniture, and bathrooms built and treated to be in the humid environment of the market are permanent. Countertops can be made of more luxurious materials such as marble, glass, granite, or seamless solid surfaces.