Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Apron: One Garment, Many Uses

Aprons are garments worn to cover the front part of the body to prevent marks and food stains. Aprons are used for domestic purposes as well as used as a uniform in the food-oriented organization like restaurants, cafes, food manufacturing industries, etc.

Types and Uses of Aprons:

  1. Server Apron: This is tied around the waist and used to covers the upper leg part. These aprons are used by waiters and servers.
  2. Bib Apron: This is tied around the neck and waist, covers the chest area to the upper part of the leg. It is usually used by chefs to prevent spills and can also be used to wipe hands while cooking.
  3. Bistro Apron: A knee-length apron tied around the waist. It is basically used for covering the pants. Since they are long in length they are used by people when they are wiping to protect their pants from getting wet.
  4. Cobbler Apron: It resembles a t-shirt because it covers the upper part of the body. It is used by nursing homes, bakers, etc.
  5. Tuxedo Apron: It is basically a classy version of the bib apron. It has a V neck cut. It is used by the staff of reputed restaurants and by caterers while attending events. It gives the uniform a sharp and crisp look.
  6. Dishwasher Apron: This apron is a longer version of bib apron. It has a knee-length and is water-resistant. It is used while using a dishwasher or a washing machine.

Advantages of using an Apron

  • Protection: The basic use of an apron is to protect your clothes as well as your body from food spills, stains, and other dirty things. It can be used by chefs, waiters, painters, bartenders, butchers, etc.
  • Stylish: The apron makes you look more stylish and fashionable while cooking.
  • Uniform: Many restaurants include aprons in their uniform and get their logos printed on it. So in a way, aprons also act as brand endorsers!
  • Hand wash: While cooking, chefs need to wash their hands several times, aprons help them wipe off their hands and continue working. This saves a lot of time.
  • Storing: Aprons have pockets to ensure storage. Staff may use it to keep writing pads for taking orders while chefs can use it to keep some useful tools handy.

Aprons can be customized as well. Custom apron can include pockets at whichever place you want. Color, type of cloth, and design of apron everything can be customized according to your wish.