Friday, 24 Jan 2020

Author: Clare Louise

Smart casual and how to pull it off effortlessly

Smart casual is still the most misunderstood term in menswear and it’s easy to see why. These two words ‘smart’ and ‘casual’ are complete opposites yet are combined to create a dress code which is used by so many. Image Credit The Telegraph agrees that smart casual is a contradiction and suggests that it has […]

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Best Hair Cutting Techniques

Unless you’re going for a record-breaking hair length, at some point, all of us are going to need a haircut. A haircut could not only work wonders for your overall appearance and keeping well-groomed, but it’s also beneficial for the health of your hair. Cutting your hair removes split and dead ends and allows new, […]

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Every day is different from the previous one. New challenges, problems, and the task of each day can make life difficult. Try to make your life beautiful and pleasant. Flowers are the most colorful part of a plant, whose fragrance is enough to change someone’s mind by diverting it towards the beauty of a flower. […]

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Beginners guide for buying water Colours paints and Colours:

About acrylic Colours/paint: Acrylic paint is a quick-drying paint. Acrylic colours comprisespigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Polymer bonded is soluble in water and when it dries then it becomes water-resistant. They are not noxious, even the paint themselves contain toxins. About water Colours/paint: A paint that mixed with the water and it is used […]

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Kill Depression With Shopping: Nancy Quill

Modern world is a big mechanic world where mental connections are so rare. And materialistic pursuit and fake laugh and concern are drooping from everywhere. Nancy Quill, the famous model and Social media influencer shared about her life experience and came up with a simple solution in her couple of last tweets. It does not […]

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Dominique Boxley: The Necessities Of Shopping

Shopping is interrelated with fashion. Shopping is unavoidable to everyone in this modern world.  As per Dominique Boxley there is various reasons people visits retail as their leisure activity than other activities. Reasons of shopping There are many reasons behind shopping as their free time activity. People usually wants to be attractive, feel good and […]

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