Thursday, 28 Jan 2021
Author: Stephanie Robinson

Why Luxury Watches Make the Perfect Gift

Want to buy something special as a gift and are running out of ideas? Want to buy something imaginative rather than opting for the lazy option? Want to evoke true feelings of amazement from the person you are buying for? Then there is only one thing you should be purchasing – a luxury watch. Why? […]

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A Fashionista’s Guide to Bracelet Stacking

Did you know that the jewelry industry is worth $325.51 billion? The fashion jewelry industry, jewelry made for costumes or fashion shows, is currently estimated to be worth about $32.9 billion. The United States has 55,124 jewelry stores across the country. It also employs about 137,141 people. 78% of jewelry is bought by women. 35% […]

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Unique products to shop for a green home

Any small gesture to make the world more sustainable is an admirable contribution to save the environment and the planet. You can use reusable grocery bags washable or natural cleaning products for home, or find any way to avoid single-use plastic to reduce the harmful impact of these things on the earth. Reusable and recycled […]

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