Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Auxilry’s interchangeable buttons- Relibale and dependable

Have you ever given it a second thought on what it would be like to replace your old boring shirts with new buttons? Something which will really captivate someone’s attention? The shirt buttons of Auxilry go far beyond mere accessorizing. They are your subtle and barely-prominent way of standing out without making your style statement shout out to people. As they are no sewing buttons, you also don’t have to invest time on them. In simple words, if you want to make your old shirts new, these buttons are a must for you. 

Saves you the trouble to switch from work to party mode

For many style conscious individuals out there, the latest weapon in the war against over packing is set of buttons. For instance, if you have a party just after your office gets over; it is quite ridiculous to go home for a fresh change of outfits. However, with Auxilry, you can attend numerous fashion events. For those who aren’t aware, buttons shirt is the latest trend in the world of clothing accessories. 

How to use them immaculately?

Applying them onto your shirts is a breeze. Use the 3-in-1 button remover to remove the shirts buttons. After that, you have to make two small holes and fasten a base button and you are set to go. Select from the interchangeable buttons that come with the kit, fix it on top of the base button and you have breathed a lease of new life into your old shirt. Quite simple, isn’t it?

The button covers from Auxilry are available in an array of shades and styles, for both men and women. There are various styles which are supported that includes polo shirts, outfits and dresses.