Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Baby clothes essentials and their functionality

The size of baby clothes generally varies in accordance to age but there can be a slight difference in size based on the brand. Therefore, as a rule, it is best to look out for clothes that also mention weight and height. This will simplify the process in finding the best fit. 

Babies grow fast. As a result, experienced mothers accept hand-me downs or secondhand clothing, so they have more options to choose from. Also, make it a point to buy clothes that is one size larger. It doesn’t hurt to have a bigger wardrobe when it comes to babies.

You want to ensure that the clothes are soft, comfortable and durable. The clothing must provide easy mobility. Select clothes that can endure frequent washings and avoid outfits that come with ribbons or strings which can prove to be a choking hazard.

There’s a line for baby clothes that deals in organic fabric, but the downside is that they’re more expensive. Alternatively, you could use a baby friendly detergent to prevent skin irritation.

A list of baby clothes:

  • Bodysuits: This is also known as onesies. As the name suggests, it’s a one-piece clothing that is perfectly appropriate for both playing and sleeping. There are specialized onesies that are designed with a zip or snap that goes all the way down to the leg, making it highly convenient for diaper change without having to completely undress the baby. Be on the hunt for stretchy necklines as you’ll be able to slip them easily over you child’s head. 
  • Leggings: Leggings may be an addition but its still useful, allowing the change of only one piece of dirty clothing, as opposed to the whole outfit.   
  • Shirts: Have a drawer dedicated to a few short and long-sleeved shirts to pair with your baby’s leggings or pants.
  • Outer layers: These can be sweaters, jackets or sweatshirts. In this department, its best to choose baggy items with bigger armholes that are easy to put on and take off.  Hoodies are also practical as you can easily cover your baby’s head during chilly winter days.
  • Hats and mittens: Hats are necessary during summer to shade them from the sunlight. During the winter, beanie caps that will effectively cover their ears is a must. Mittens are basically gloves for babies. 
  • Socks: Another vital piece of clothing but socks tend to disappear into thin air so it will do you good to shop for inexpensive socks. 

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