Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Ballistic Armor Self Defense Family Packs 

In the current times when violence is becoming common, it is essential for us to have a self defense mechanism for us and our family. Lack of tolerance, discrimination and other factors lead to communities where you may encounter an unwanted situation. In times where you are with family and a violent event takes place, you have to be prepared to protect yourself and your family. ASFALEIA has been creating self defense family packs that you can rely on for your and your family’s protection. ASFALEIA means safety and we are all in the need of it in the current times. 

If you are in a place where there is an emergency situation or a shooter appears, you need to be prepared beforehand. Otherwise, you will not be able to protect yourself. The self defense family packs that are created by ASFALEIA can be used as a shield for protection. People may not feel safe in public places, and in a crowd, you don’t know who is there and with what intensions. So, it is very important that you start adding a layer of security to your day to day routine. 

The family packs designed b ASFALEIA seem just like ordinary bags but they have added layer of security. You can use the bags to carry your stuff or for regular use. The bags consist of ballistic armor panels which are placed in a way that they seem invisible. This is to make sure that it is not very obvious that you are walking around with ballistic armor panels. The protective shields are made with advanced polymers and they can also be used as stand-alone panels. Then comes the specially designed pocket, it securely holds the ballistic armor in its fixed place. 6

The three key benefits of these family packs include that they are bullet proof, strike resistant and slash resistant. When you are going places with your loved ones or your family, you surely need the peace of mind that you all will be safe and this peace of mind can be achieved through the ballistic armor self-defense. 

The safety family packs are designed while focusing upon style and function. These family packs not only look good but you can also use them on a daily basis to store your essentials. 

Key features:

  1. Optimal soft level IIIA ballistic armor bullet proof: In case of any shooting or any emergency situation, the ballistic armor will keep you protected. 
  2. Optimal level III hard ballistic armor: This ballistic armor is strike and slash resistant so it will keep you protected. 
  3. Shield: The self defense family packs can be used as a shield. 
  4. Fashionable design: The family packs are not only functional but they have a fashionable design as well. The design for these packs is custom made Italian design. 
  5. Custom ASFALEIA hardware: The zippers and other accessories used in these family packs are custom made ASFALEIA. 
  6. High quality leather: These family packs are manufactured with 100{6f764f0318f708328c6abf9082075486836bb668c992439c97bd655ccc97bfe3} vegan quality. 
  7. Adjustable shoulder straps: Sometimes, the shoulder straps of the bags are not very comfortable so, to ensure the comfort of the user, the shoulder straps of this bag are adjustable so you can adjust them according to your comfort. 
  8. Waterproof interior lining: The water proof interior lining makes it super easy to clean. 
  9. Multiple ways to carry: You can carry it as a shoulder bag or a brief case depending upon your need. 
  10. Lifetime warranty: The family packs come with a lifetime warranty and 5-year warranty on all ballistic armor. 

ASFALEIA is known to make custom-made products that are made with high quality materials and are also durable. The coolest thing about this brand is that they do focus on the safety but they also focus on the design and the style. You will enjoy carrying around the family packs that come with added layers of security. Now you and your family will be safe in case of an unwanted or emergency situation. If you also intend to get a peace of mind when you are out with family then make sure that you get the Ballistic Armor Self Defense family packs

Protect yourself & your family with our Self Defense Family Pack which you can use as a shield!