Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Benefits of Hemp Bags for promotional products

There is no shopping without a shopping bag. With the increase of plastic use damaging the environment, industries have come with eco-friendly solutions. Tote bags have always been a favorite and a fashion statement when one steps out of the house. Tote bags are meant for carrying a lot of stuff around without too much hassle. It can be folded and kept easily when going out. Since people carry too much stuff in it, it needs to be durable and strong.

Tote bags are typically made from woven material mostly linen or cotton. Not too long ago, another environment-friendly material – hemp is being used to make tote bags. Hemp is basically a cannabis plant that is grown only for its fiber and seeds. These are used to make a lot of things like paper, oil, bags, t-shirts, ropes and much more.

Hemp bags have become a style statement for those who want to prove their loyalty towards the environment. This plant has been used to make fibers for over 10,000 years. Initially used to make ropes, today it is woven into materials that can be used to create beautiful bags. Studio D Merchandise customizes the hemp tote bags for your brand, company or organization with your logo and any other detail.

Using this product for promoting your business or cause has a lot of benefits and we will list out a few to you below:

  • Since it is made out of an eco-friendly product, you are relieving Mother Earth of some huge task of recycling plastic. It causes no damage to the environment as it is a product of a plant that uses half the water that one would need to grow cotton. It also does not need any pesticide so no harm is done to any creature.
  • They are ideal for most events like a trade show, craft festivals, conferences, school events or an office gathering.
  • They are economical and can be used for a long time. Reusable items add value when given to people. Every time they are out in the world for use, people will have a glimpse at your brand or organization.
  • Tote bags can be given to anyone. They are unisexual and a hit among people of all ages.
  • Hemp tote bags are available only in one natural color. With your personalized design, you can make this bag look trendy and cool at the same time.

All these factors will help you in promoting everything and anything with hemp tote bags. The time required to make these bags is less and we always have tote bags in stock for bulk orders.