Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Best Choices for the Perfect Wedding Ring Choice

After you put your wedding photos in a closet, your engagement ring will remain a wonderful visual reminder of the day you married, the congratulations you received that day and your long married life. Will your chosen ring also shine at a golden wedding (50th anniversary of your marriage), like at your wedding? Think about it before you make a purchase:

What is your jewelry style?

Most of your clothes are classic, modern or diverse styles? Do you keep designer labels in your closet? Choose the style of your engagement ring so that it complements your wardrobe, and then you will get a ring that will match your lifestyle.

Choose the type of precious metal: gold or platinum? 

At first glance it may seem that making a choice is very simple, but there is something to think about when you buy gold. First is color, do you prefer yellow gold? White? Or pink? Then you need to determine what quality ring you want to purchase: a standard 585 sample, or a higher quality 750 sample and higher (which one will be the most durable and retain its original shape over the years). Platinum today is the “best-selling” metal, more expensive and heavy than gold.

An engagement ring with or without stones?

Diamonds and other precious stones inserted in the ring, make it more expensive. If you got engaged to engagements ring with diamonds from 14k gold. Then it is the corresponding engagement ring for the wedding ceremony will be a great addition. Undoubtedly, not all young couples can afford diamond rings (and most men are indifferent to such rings.) You can always start with a simpler version of the gold ring, and then purchase more expensive rings as a gift for another important anniversary.

Instructions for choosing wedding rings

What style of engagement ring is right for me?

Many people really enjoy the look, feel and added comforts. a, which they get when wearing tight-fitting rings. Some people prefer thinner rings, considering them more comfortable. Flat and semicircular rings are sometimes cheaper because most often they are less in weight. Ultimately, when choosing a ring, design and preferences play a major role.

How wide should my wedding ring be?

This is usually a personal choice for everyone. The choice of the width of the ring is affected, first of all, by your taste, then the size of the hand, comfortable diligence, etc. For men, 4-8mm is considered the normal width of the ring, but the most its choice of rings is 5-6 mm wide. Women usually choose narrower rings, especially if they wear two rings on one finger. Sometimes women prefer broader rings than men wear. The hunting wedding rings with a rim may appear thinner than they really are. Some people are very sensitive to double-headed rings, as they may have allergies. If you have ever had problems of this kind, you will prefer to purchase a thinner ring. Wide rings are more likely to retain moisture, soap and cosmetics residues, which can irritate sensitive skin. Fitting rings allow your skin to breathe better than with flat or semicircular rings.