Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Best Disguise with the Finest Cosplay

Whatever they say about the state of cosplay events (which, technically, are not just about this hobby, but about anime, Japanese music and video games mainly) in Chile, it is one more manifestation of a very marked trend that is flourishing in the most unexpected corners of the world. 

The art of dressing up: the forerunner of cosplay?

This is a pretty sensitive point for many fans of this art. Cosplaying goes beyond putting on a cape or mask: the cosplayer acts as the character they are disguised. They can be small gestures, laughs, screams or just poses. While a Halloween catwoman is happily having a beer, dancing reggaeton, or telling jokes, the beachy catwoman will try to spend more time scratching the air, moving felinely, and perhaps reciting a line from the movie.  You can go for the cosplay contacts there.

Taking into account the definition above, it would also be cosplay (although there may be those who disagree).

The economy: 

Not all of us can buy those super ultra-professional wigs that have magic and you can wash and do who knows what so many things without them being ruined. But it is always good to make an effort to buy a good quality wig and be able to use it as much as possible, remember that if you do not have much money it is better that you make a pig and buy a good wig that you think you can use for several of your planned cosplays and use it several times. If, on the other hand, you prefer to have many wigs but you do not have much money, do not marry a store (although you already know that there is a cheap one there), always go around other small stores and try to find one that fits your budget because you can always meet some luck. It is better to have a wig that we fell in love with from the beginning and have it and take good care of it. Even if this implies using cosplay several times in which we raise money for another.

  • For those who want to start cosplaying and it is their first time, here are some tips when choosing the character for our costume. The first thing to keep in mind is that, if it is your first cosplay, it is better to look for the character Let it be simple to represent and with which they feel comfortable, it is not worth choosing one, just because they have told us that that character is good or known and maybe we do not know him, or anime, so we would not enjoy representing him. 🙂 Remember that the character can be from anime, video games, manga, movies, artists etc. that they do not necessarily have to be Japanese or maybe it can be an invented one.
  • Another important thing to take into account when choosing the character is the resemblance we have to him, for example, if we have an extremely tall character and if we are short (as it happens to my XD), the character will not look very good. It’s just a matter of searching, there is a character for everyone.)


You also have to take into account the economy XD if we make a very expensive cosplay in which we have to buy many expensive materials we will run out of money and we will not finish it xD, so it is advisable that you make a list of the materials and prices before starting.