Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

Best Personalized Gifts for Any Occasion

What are the best gifts? Gucci? Armani? Rolls-Royce? A truckload of cash? Probably that would make them super happy but it’s not what they would find joy in. Yes, the most appreciated are gifts tailored just for them. This short list defines the best personalized gifts for the people you love. 

  • Work

If your gift recipient seems to be career driven, a few of these items may not only be practical but also relatively inexpensive. 

  • A work bag with plenty of pockets, great for a one who’s handy dandy with tools
  • A sling bag with anti-theft design, for the one who’s always on the go
  • A stylish PPE dress/gown for the medical professional because safe doesn’t mean you have to dress up in a trash bag! Plus points for a cute portable sterilizing bag
  • A large sterilizing box that’s a perfect fit for the back of the car 
  • Hobbies

One other thing to consider when buying a gift is knowing what hobbies people are into. 

  • Rechargeable/solar powered flashlight is a sure win for the happy camper
  • Classic fishing rod from Japan can up the ante on his fishing game
  • A pair of running shoes (or two or three) from Nike won’t hurt 
  • Yoga mats are also in the craze right now, now that exercising indoors is new norm
  • Double Gifts

Try this list of gifts that just keep on giving. Buying this from your local vendor not only makes shipment less costly but also sustainable both for you and the environment.

  • Books from Better World Books – it’s not new per se, but Better World Books gives secondhand books a new leash on life. You’ll also be helping bookstore owners who had it hard during the pandemic
  • Santa Monica Beach Puzzle from Sarah Kusz Design- Supporting businesses owned by women and those from the LGBTQ community, these puzzles feature breathtaking scenes from some of the most beautiful tourist destinations
  • Volunteering or donating for the cause they care for

Image 1. Customized Candle Holder from


The best, best personalized gifts don’t have to be all DIY. Sometimes all it takes is some brainstorming and you can buy them straight from the store. Find a store online or offline that caters to your customization. The gem here is your own special message and probably a picture of both of you. And because there’s still the pandemic, having a gift that’s both practical and cute is going to be a hit

  1. Candle holder with personalised message
  2. Watch for the men and boys of your life
  3. A lamp to set a relaxed mood after a long day’s work
  4. A ball with your message (encourages physical exercise, so kids and the kids at heart don’t have an excuse not to go out in the yard to play) 
  5. Or jewelry with your name on it

The list is boundless, and so’s your heart. Enjoy!