Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Brighten Your Bestie’s Wedding Day – Wear Rose Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Is your bestie getting married? Has she finally said ‘yes’ to her man? Is it finally time for you to make all the plans for her wedding, just the way you longed to? Weddings are special and when they are of your best friend’s the occasion becomes even more momentous. Gone are the days when weddings were simple and casual. Today it is all about paying attention to details. If bridesmaids earlier wore gowns of their choices, today brides usually want her bridesmaids to dress symmetrically in her choice of colors and styles. It is not surprising that most bridesmaid do everything possible to keep the bride happy – after all it’s her happy day!

Most often the couple to be married have a vision in mind with regards to their wedding. While some take the help of wedding planners, many others like to do things themselves. As a bridesmaid, your job is pretty simple. Listen to the bride and help her realize her dream wedding. If your friend is confused and hasn’t yet decided on what the bridesmaid theme should be, help her zero down on designs and colors. If you can help in the planning phase, you also get the opportunity to wear a gown that most likely suits you too (an added advantage, we say!).

Go for Muted and Understated Color for the Bridesmaid Dress               Choosing the color for the bridesmaid dress can be tricky. You have to keep in mind not to overshadow the bride yet you cannot completely blend with the background. The job of the bridesmaid is to rightly complement the bride and enhance her beauty. You will come across several color choices for the bridesmaid dresses but if you really want to dress to impress then you should consider wearing rose gold bridesmaid dresses. Rose gold is quite the color of the season and is slowly becoming popular. The beauty of this color is that unlike gold it does not shine bright but its rosy tinges makes it an understated beauty. Rose gold shimmers elegantly and is perfect for the bridesmaid. It also has such an universal appeal that your dress will perfectly blend with any colored theme that’s chosen for the wedding.

Style Bridesmaid Dresses As You Want          Rose gold is such a subtle yet beautiful color that you do not need to worry about styling it in any standard manner. It is a versatile color and can be used to make long flowing gowns, tulle, short sleeve gowns, chiffon wonders, loose curve hugger and so much more. You just need to have a design in mind and the color will fit perfectly in that particular style.

If your bride has a large group of bridesmaid, some of you can choose to wear rose gold bridesmaid dresses while a few others can wear gold bridesmaid dresses. The effect of two color coordinated bridesmaid dresses will look good around the bride not to mention that the pictures will look lovely!

Picture Perfect Dresses      Nowadays brides invariably want their wedding entourage to look good so that the pictures come out well. Wearing color-coordinated outfits helps in creating the right photographic effect. When all the bridesmaids are dressed uniformly in the same color and in similar styles, it becomes easier for the photographer to click conceptualized photographs. Rose gold bridesmaid dresses and the white bride’s gown go hand in hand. Team these up with the back tuxedo the groom’s wearing and you have the perfect photography ready to be saved for posterity.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning for your bestie’s wedding!

About Author: Georgina Smith is a designer who likes to dress bridesmaids perfectly. She often writes about her experiences and why she thinks rose gold bridesmaid dresses are really in fashion. She also blogs about gold bridesmaid dresses and how to wear them