Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

Can Anyone Buy CBD Oil on Amazon Online Store?

Amazon is currently the most prominent online retail shop in the US. If you ever think of online shopping, you would automatically think, “Amazon!”. Need new gym equipment? Amazon has it. Gifts for your nieces and nephews? You can do a quick scan through Amazon and purchase something for them in one click. Sadly, that is not the case with CBD oil.

If you search for Amazon CBD products, there won’t be any search results. That’s because Amazon doesn’t sell CBD oil. But why? Let’s find out the reason and where you can buy legit CBD oil instead.

The Federal Law That Amazon Is Sensitive About

When it comes to policies and the law, Amazon is strict, and you bet they will comply as soon as possible. That is because Amazon is worth billions of dollars, and they ship millions of products all over the US every day. And if you are carrying that much money, your every move is being watched. The number one reason why Amazon won’t sell any CBD products is that CBD is a Schedule I controlled substance. It means that if they are caught shipping these products out, they can face breaking not just any law, but federal law. And they don’t want to encounter that kind of problem ever.

CBD is Not Regulated by the FDA

CBD oil is known for its many health benefits. It helps treat seizures, ease chronic pain, and relieves anxiety and stress. That’s why millions of people rely on this product to help them go about their daily lives. But because Amazon can’t sell it, users have to find a way to get their medicine.

The FDA only regulated one kind of CBD product, which is used to treat seizures. But the rest, they haven’t regulated yet. So CBD oil is still considered a controlled substance. Another reason is that CBD oil is derived from a cannabis plant called Hemp even though it’s different from the cannabis plant with THC, making you high. Amazon is not taking any chances and decided to ban CBD oil. This is to save itself from facing any problems with the law.

Looking for Legitimate Source

Just because Amazon doesn’t sell CBD oil doesn’t mean you won’t be able to buy CBD oil forever. There are tons of companies out there that sell pure and legitimate CBD oil, even if the FDA hasn’t officially regulated these products yet. Lucky for us, Joy Organics offers potent CBD oil that you can order anytime. Your money is guaranteed safe because you get what you paid for. Aside from that, they have third-party lab testers who ensure that the product you get doesn’t have a single THC trace in it. So you get all the overall wellness that your body needs without experiencing that euphoric high. It’s purely for medicinal purposes only.

Their CBD oil is of high quality because it is made from a premium hemp plant. Check them out and get your daily dose of medicine now!