Monday, 11 Jan 2021

Careful note to undermine the value of peeling.

Are you wondering why you need vegetable and fruit peelers? In order to understand why, you need to understand the importance of peeling. You must have heard, how you cut your vegetables will determine how they taste? Well, it’s is true. Every MasterChef will agree, Cutting and peeling of vegetables are as important as any other step of the cooking process. As a matter of fact, good knife skills are always desired in a chef. However, many people power through these stages haphazardly, but that’s a blunder according to cooking sciences.

It’s not as basic as getting rid of the peel and cutting the vegetables to smaller pieces. Cooking is an art -and so are the knife skills. Starting from the way you hold the knife, to the pressure you apply and the angle at which you cut -every aspect of it is important. Some people believe that Chefs are cooking prodigies who inherently cook good. As it happens, such Chefs themselves will say otherwise. They say it’s all in the cooking sciences. It’s all about diligently following the well organised steps and processes. And at the very beginning of which, are cutting and peeling.

A note further on the topic -is on the importance of peeling, specifically. Cutting however, has started to gain it’s due attention among cooking enthusiasts, but peeling continues to remain neglected. Even though the primary part of peeling is to get rid of vegetable peels, yet there are plenty other aspects related to it: which we comfortably ignore.

Why do we hate peeling?

Well for starters, we believe that peeling has got nothing to do with the taste. Hence, we tend to hurry past it, as quickly as possible. However, this is a wrong notion. Vegetables should be peeled attentively and finely -as it can affect both the taste and cooking time. A vegetable with leftover peel will increase its cooking time. Plus, peels tend to have a very strong flavour. Hence, leftover peels will  interfere with the overall taste as well. Next comes the question of hassle. Peeling is not as smooth a task as cutting. It requires greater skill and finesse with a knife: many of us posses just the working knife skill at best. Needless to say any kitchen cutting tool bigger than knives, raise safety concerns.

This is where peelers make their mark. Potato kitchen peelers have been in existence for quite some time. But, these are modern peelers with multiple functionalities for both fruits and vegetables. For someone who realises the importance of peeling and is bothered by their knife skills, peelers come for a pleasant rescue. Additionally if you purchase a peeler such as the JOYBOS peeler, you can also use it to peel fruits as well. Yet another advantage of JOYBOS, is that you get this vegetable peeler with container to store.

Why JOYBOS peelers are a novelty?

Primarily what you must know is that, these aren’t made of flimsy thrift store quality material. The JOYBOS peelers are ergonomically designed for a perfect grip with a set of culinary grade stainless steel blades. These are durable and will stay in your kitchen for a long time. The unique Potato eye peeling feature, makes JOYBOS a novelty potato kitchen peeler. (Who among us haven’t stumbled upon a potato eye and disrupted our flow of peeling.) The brilliant designed curved grip makes this vegetable peeler with container a perfect fit in both left and right hands. Finally the multiple blade options and their ergonomic design, allow JOYBOS vegetable and fruit peelers to peel with stability on a variety of surfaces. Needless to say, it’s compatible with a wide range of fruits and vegetables.