Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Cheap holiday gift basket ideas


When buying a gift for someone, most people will buy a pre-made gift basket and give to their dear one. However, DIY gift baskets are ever special because they hold a personal touch.

Though you can buy a wrapped gift basket in Canada at any time, personalized gifts are always a good idea to make it more delicate. We share some inexpensive gift basket ideas you can customize to give it to someone on holiday.

Affordable Holiday gift basket ideas

Ideas for gift baskets are infinite. They even depend on the person you are going to offer. Here we write down some cheap holiday gift basket ideas for both men and women.

Gift basket for him


If you are a wife or girlfriend of a die-hard gamer, you can modify a gift box with his favorite stuff or things he most needs. Gamers usually have snacks and drinks while playing games. So, fill the gift box with his beloved snacks, some of his favorite drinks, some batteries to keep his controllers alive, and a new game. You can add a gift card as well so that he can collect more games.

Coffee lovers

Ask him to spend a day without a cup of coffee. He cannot imagine it, we promise. Gift him some coffee stuff to make him truly happy. Include a cool looking coffee mug, some chocolates, a pack of gourmet coffee, and some ribbons. Now, Lay some crinkle papers on a wood box and put these components into the box for a “cafephile.”


Does he always on the go? No problem at all. Note some stuff he really needs or once he said planning to buy. A gift box for a traveler may have some affordable but wonderful components such as a USB power adapter, power bank, keyring, bi-fold wallet, a watch with a compass, sunglass,  even t-shirts with traveling quotes.

Gift basket for her

Spa fan

If your wife or girlfriend is an enthusiast about the spa, make her feel special offering a spa gift box on holiday. You can purchase a packed box or make it yourself combining her favorite ingredients. A good spa box should have relaxing contents like body wash, bubble bath soap, lotion, body spray, bath salt, shower puff, and soft towel.

Baking expert

Does she like to bake at home? This gift idea will definitely make her delighted. Offer some baking stuff to her in a different way. You need to buy a cake pan that will look like a basket. Put her beloved baking instruments into it, such as measuring cups, dishcloths, mason jar, cupcake liner, and egg beater.

New mom

The gift box for new mama should be attractive and comfortable. She needs rest and relaxation. Make her happy offering a gift box on a holiday that carries relaxing ingredients like a nursing pajama, soothing oil, sleeping mask, ice pack, nipple cream, and lavender spray.

Tips: Always shop a few days early for preparing gifts so that you can have some time for planning. Besides, never forget to attach the gift note on the gift basket.