Friday, 31 Mar 2023

Choosing eco-friendly toys for kids: Some titbits

Are you having a hard time choosing toys for your kids? Usually, we spend a lot of time thinking about which toys are potentially less hazardous to the children’s health. Often we get to hear about the recall of a toy, and that is because of its dangerous material content. Sometimes toxins in this material coming in direct contact with the kid’s body affect their health. 

So, select the toys for your kids mindfully to avoid these hazards and make a better world for tomorrow. The article will help you in this process of selection and elimination. 

Five tips for choosing eco-friendly toys for kids

Preliminary Research

If you want to think the best for your kids, you will have to devote some time to them. So, before visiting a toy store, give your best in researching the eco-friendly toys in the market. You can also search for eco friendly toys at Play Edo

Reading the label

Besides researching, also be mindful while reading the label. Many symbols have several meanings. So, if you familiarize yourself with them, you will be better equipped in sorting the toys out. 

Avoid toys containing bisphenol A, lead and phthalates. Also, avoid any toys having materials more than 90 ppm. If the toy has no such labels, then go for reviews. 

Buy Local

The best option to avoid all these problems is to buy local handmade products. In that case, you will also be contributing to saving the local economy of the craftspeople and promise an eco-friendly environment for your kids. In this way, gift them a toy that is toxin-free. 

Choosing the right material

Plastic dominates the toy business. But, disposing of them is the most hazardous because they pollute the air and the environment. 

So, if you have to buy plastic toys, go for the safer ones. Buy the plastic toys having 1,2, 4 or 5 labels. 

But, the best decision is to go for natural products. Toys made of wood, bamboo, hemp etc., are a suitable replacement for plastic toys. 

Using second-hand toys

If you want to make the environment safer and keep your budget low, recycle old toys. Sometimes, your backyard may contain the best toys, and you need to be a little creative. 

Looking for toys at charity websites and thrift shops are an excellent way to gift good items. You can also check with your community friends and search if they are in the mood for some gift exchange program like the old days. 

Local libraries often give toys for rent, and you can look that up as well. 


Try avoiding battery-driven toys. Even if you buy these less sustainable gifts, keep in mind to use them cautiously. Don’t let your kids put anything in the mouth. Please don’t burn the toys once they are not of any use. If you do so, you are contributing to an environmental hazard. 

Final Thoughts

So, the best way to surprise your child and give them the parents’ touch is to make them some toy with your hand. Even if they feel a bit low due to the less grandeur, but as they grow up, it will be their most treasured possession.