Wednesday, 10 Aug 2022

Create Something Yourself and Change Everything

Sometimes we need to think again about if we need to change something on ourselves or on the outward appearance that is the opinion that many people have of us, known as our public image. 

One might wonder, why should I make an effort to change anything; The truth is, if you accept yourself and the way the others see you, then it’s not necessary to change anything, but usually we want to become better, we may not be satisfied with how others see us, or we realize that a specific behavior we have could change to something better. 

Scientists believe that our main difference from animals is our will for a better future, our will for improvement. A cat, for example, will be happy if it has something to eat and it will spend the rest of its time playing or not doing anything for its future. Humans are different, they always want to become better, we want to improve things. If we don’t have something, we always think about it and want to get it, until we make it, for example, we don’t have a specific car then we save money to buy it. This car is part of our dreams, we believe that life will be better with this car until we buy it! Then, when we have it, the clock moves backward, for some time we enjoy the new car, but after a few months or years, although there may be a good value, in terms of money for that car, there is no real value, for the car, in our head. This happens due to our nature, we want to improve, we want something new in order to feel that our life is becoming better. So, our new dream is on its way, now we want to buy something else, we are not satisfied with the car, we may want to buy, for example, a new house, for now a new dream is on its way. This happens not only for material things but also in our spiritual world.   

 Usually, anything of value we acquire needs some efforts to get it and it may not be earned so easy. This is true for material things but also in our spiritual world. It is clear that if money is the main factor to buy material things, some effort to acquire that money should be done, but this applies and in the spiritual world. Every battle we fight, it will teach us a lesson. Bad things make us have a clearer understanding of how others feel when they are in a similar position. When things don’t go well and life is bad, we become stronger. Bad things are not only bad because always there is something earned for every struggle.  

 So, we may not be in charge of what to do to create ourselves. Life itself is in charge to decide, but partially we have the option to improve our life. Though it may be difficult to handle it, we must have faith. Everything is based on faith. Faith is a force in religions to make miracles, but this force can act without even been religious. If you believe something, it’s like you started making efforts to make it happen. If there is faith, the whole universe will push things to make it happen. It’s like you play the lottery and you found a way to increase your luck.

 Without knowledge, it’s not easy to convince yourself about something, so in order to create real faith, do some research about your target. Common sense is the key to create faith, but how can we trick common sense; it’s not easy to tell yourself what to believe when there is nothing to show you why to believe it! This can be done by acquiring knowledge. Faith will push, knowledge will help to implement, just remember to always try to be positive! This attitude will attract anything needed; this is the way to create a path to success. The more knowledge you acquire, the more faith you create. The only requirement is to choose something that is logical, there are many books on the internet about faith, and they present it like magic, the scope of this article is to shed some light on faith without losing common sense. There may be magic, but we let this to a magician, this is not our job. So our advice, create yourself without losing common sense!