Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Damian Alexander-Du’bel: Celebrating Women In The Most Unique Way

Once a passionate sportsperson, now an enterprising entrepreneur, Damian Alexander-Du’bel has traversed quite a journey. Living a life which has always been larger than life, this man had a vision to conquer the world with his entrepreneurial skills; a dream which has already become a reality and is getting consolidated with each passing day.

His aspirations have always been unique, his goals seemingly difficult to achieve yet each passing day proved this gift of working towards converting opportunities into steps of success. Becoming a professional footballer at a very young age to retiring at the prime of his life and his career, this man, the owner of Du’bel Holdings, definitely possesses what can only be called the “Midas Touch”. His football career has seen him achieving great stardom while playing for such big names as Norwich City, Barnet F.C, Stevenage F.C, Oxford United, Vancouver Whitecaps etc.

While retiring from professional football was the hardest decision that Du’bel has always acknowledged to have taken, his never say die spirit made him unfold yet another successful chapter of his career. From participating in famous fashion shows to creating the magic of Bella Mayford, Du’bel has always aspired to do something different, something original and something unique. This vision made him create a fashion house exclusively for women, where women from all fields and professions come to buy jewellery, watches etc., so that they can celebrate who they are.

His journeys across the globe have forged his thoughts and ideas. His need for uniqueness has helped him to come up with the theme and the concept of the jewellery that is designed and sold by his company. Currently he is focussing solely on the growth of the same and going the extra mile with a passion for ensuring that women get what they truly deserve; affordable luxury to augment the beauty from within.