Sunday, 9 Jun 2024

Different types of cuts in diamond rings

According to the experts, going out in search of a Diamond engagement ring without knowing for sure what the types of cuts of the famous gemstone is not wise. In the same way, if you are looking for wedding rings and want to wear diamonds. It is like looking for a wedding dress without knowing its necklines. The shape, the finish, but especially the cut will determine the beauty of your jewel, and of course, what the investment has to be. To clarify any doubt, today they will present the nine most requested by the bride and groom based on trends.

  1. Princess cut

Certain cuts of diamonds become a trend when a celebrity of the moment shamelessly wears her gold engagement ring with a large stone on a red carpet. The princess cut is square and ostentatious. It is precisely one of the favorites for them. If you think of a jewel that does not go unnoticed, this would be a good option.

  1. Baguette or emerald cut

It is a type of size designed to be worn only on special occasions such as your wedding day. They look best over white gold engagement rings. And this cut is very beautiful and you can buy engagement ring with this cut.

  1. Cut heart

As its name suggests, this type of diamond cut is heart-shaped. It is very romantic as well as symbolic. If you are the type of romantic couple who see wedding flower arrangements everywhere, they are sure to go for this cut.

  1. Brilliant or radiant cut

It is a cut that, by its nature, gives the diamond more shine. It is rectangular, but unlike the baguette, it has rounded corners. It has up to 70 facets that make it sparkle like no other. It is designed for those who prefer exquisite jewelry—one of the classic cuts designed for the woman in a wedding dress.

  1. Oval or teardrop cut

Its oval or elliptical shape gives the diamond a very particular charm that cannot go unnoticed in any delicate female hand. You see them with a lot also in earrings and necklaces.

  1. Marquise cut

It is an oval cut that is shaped like a small vertical buttonhole. It looks elegant and very bright thanks to its more than 50 facets. Many brides prefer it because it looks fine and stylizes the fullest hands.

  1. Asscher cut

A preferred diamond cut for engagement rings, the Asscher cut was patented in the late 14th century, and it turns out to be one of the most expensive cuts.

  1. Cushion cut

The type of diamond cut influences the prices of engagement rings, so you should be aware of which ones are the main ones before going out to look for your precious jewel just as they have been doing with other aspects of their marriage, such as wedding decorations. Of course, they must take into account that the final design has to adjust to the bride’s lifestyle, to the use that she will give to her ring.