Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Do not break your head when choosing the best gift, as it is simpler than you imagine

Have we all been through the same thing? They invite us to a party, to a Christmas dinner or we have a gift exchange, so we often do it at the last minute; There is also the case in which you receive a gift and you must reciprocate and give another. In order not to panic about what to give, science has come to our rescue and helps us with three tips to choose the best option.

Simplicity first and foremost

Many have the perception that the more expensive the gift, the more it will be appreciated. According to a 2009 study by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, some believe that if more money is invested in the gift, it will be more celebrated, but, in reality, the cost does not really matter to the recipient. The dachshund gifts falls under this category. They are for the ones who own dachshunds.

Listen to what they want

It may sound contradictory, but although some people express a desire for what they want as a gift, many overlook it with the idea that it would not be a surprise and they break their heads to get something that that person does not expect and that, apparently, we would be enormously grateful; But the truth is that you are happier when you get what you want. Maybe your friend told you that she wants a pilates ball, but she hasn’t had time to go buy it or that the cheesecake

The most delicious one you have ever tasted in your life, has it been the one your mother makes?

Those are the signals that you must learn to listen to in order to achieve a satisfying emotion from the other party, and as well as your own when you see their happy face. Many times, an unwanted gift ends up being exchanged or in the trunk of memories.

So what is the final tip?

Be attentive, but don’t overdo it. Take 10 minutes to think of the best gift ideas. Ask yourself if it is something the other person would like or is it something you want to give away. Forget about unnecessary luxuries and make sure it is something that gives a lot of satisfaction.

Whether by will or obligation, no one is spared from dealing with the difficult decision of choosing the ideal present from among hundreds of thousands, millions of merchandise that are waiting in the most attractive shop windows ever. The situation is even more complicated when it is a latent desire to please that person with a surprise.

This is how he starts an internal dialogue that sweeps through shopping centers, websites and catalogs of all kinds in search of the perfect gift; a price within the budget, but avoiding any trifles; a useful object that is both original and unconventional; among other qualities that no real product has. Discover the best tips to give an infallible gift and never be overwhelmed by it again.