Friday, 31 Mar 2023

Explain Entrance Mats

There are more sorts of company entry mats than you may realize. Each kind has unique benefits.

Ultimate Mats is often asked what the finest entry mat is. We often recommend that the best approach to pick the proper product for your organization is to analyze its kind, footfall and if people visit its premises.

What’s A Doormat For?

This may sound like a strange question, or you may think you already know. These rugs perform more functions than you may realize for your business. Examples:

  • They make your business seem professional and welcome customers.
  • Safe walking surface
  • They absorb moisture, dirt, and debris as people walk over them, preventing trip-and-fall injuries.
  • Because they gather filth, floors stay clean, reducing cleaning costs and time.

Which Entrance Mats Exist?

We sell three types of commercial carpets for businesses. Each has benefits and cons, and your choice depends on your requirements and expectations.

#1 Rubber-Backed Mats

Rubbed-backed, or ‘Standard’ mats, are the most cost-effective and popular entry matting. They create a professional aesthetic while being professional.

These nylon carpets have a PVC rubber backing, as their name indicates (given that these are not fitted, models). They’re perfect for most company entrances.

Key Advantages:

  • Traps dirt well
  • Absorbent
  • Anti-slip rubber backing
  • They come in different colors to match your brand and decor.
  • Imprint your corporate logo on these floor mats.

Why Renting Entry Mats Reduces Initial Outlay?

  • They’re cost-effective because they don’t require installation or a mat recess.
  • You may wash them yourself or use a professional service.

#2 Coconut Mat

Coir mats, sometimes called coconut mats, are popular entry mats manufactured from genuine coconut fibers with a rubber or PVC base. These entry mats can be recessed or supplied loose-lay.

This entryway matting provides your facilities with a classic aesthetic that won’t date and works well in a variety of company settings, especially those with frequent visitors. Fitted versions are very attractive. Coir mats perform nicely in hotels, pubs, restaurants, and shops. They look fantastic in offices and other business settings.

Coir Entry Mat Advantages Include:

  • Coir mats are the most durable on the market.
  • They fit high-traffic regions
  • These mats catch dirt well.
  • They’re non-slip
  • Made from natural materials for an eco-friendly vibe, they’re the most sustainable entry mat kind – great if that’s your brand’s goal.
  • High-end look
  • Softer and thicker than most other mat kinds; pleasant walking surface
  • Coir mats may be colored and branded with your logo or design.
  • They may be customized to fit any mat recess.
  • Good for rotating entrances where a fitted mat is preferred.

#3 Milliken Obex 

These mat well types are for recessed places. They’re a tiled matting system, so you get an aesthetically beautiful entryway without sacrificing practicality. So expect a versatile, inventive floor covering.

Entrance Mat Benefits Include:

  • Effective moisture and dirt-trapping capabilities — filth and liquid are stopped at the entry, so they never make it inside. These mats include a three-zone barrier system that reduces the danger of slipping or falling on wet flooring.
  • Slip-and-trip prevention since mats lie flat with dry floors
  • They’re durable and perfect for high-traffic locations.
  • Tiled technology allows custom logo carpet wells
  • Fitted mat option
  • Easy to clean, these mats keep clean
  • The tiling approach makes replacing tiny parts easy.
  • Good initial impression
  • Made from 100% post-industrial and post-consumer regenerated polyamide for a sustainable solution.