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Eyes and Spectacles: The Importance of Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Our eyes are probably one of the most vital sense organs in the body. Our eyes help us with our daily routine, from the moment we wake up to bedtime.

However, our eyes can be damaged easily as well. Many people suffer vision problems even at a young age, including astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. Ageing and several diseases cause vision problems, too, like macular degeneration, cataract, and diabetic retinopathy.

Thankfully, there are prescription glasses in Singapore that aid our poor eyesight every day. On the other hand,prescription sunglasses also protect our eyes from sun damage apart from improving our vision.

Here are the things you need to know about our eyes and the spectacles.

Unhealthy Habits That Ruin Our Eyesight

People may not notice the effects at first, but small habits like rubbing our eyes ruin our eyesight in the long run. If people don’t break these unhealthy habits, they may experience eye discomfort, pain, and even vision loss. Protection of our vision starts with our own hands.

Here are the unhealthy habits that damage and ruin our eyesight:

Rubbing The Eyes

The majority of us are guilty of this habit. Many people rub their eyes when they feel eye strain. It is also our knee-jerk reaction when our eyes catch minuscule dust. These tiny particles itch and irritate our eyes, urging us to rub and scratch our eyes.

Unfortunately, the rubbing put unnecessary pressure on the eye. The dust scratches the retina as well when we rub it against the surface. It also breaks the blood vessels in the eyelids.

You can soothe your irritated eyes with a cold compress and moisturise them with eye drops. Make sure that your hands are clean when you do these activities. You can buyspectacleswithout corrective lenses online in Singaporeto protect your eyes from particles, especially if you are exposed to a dusty environment.

Too Much Exposure To Blue Light


Smartphones, laptops, and television screens produce blue lights. Long exposure to blue lights without occasional breaks and blinking harm our eyes.

It can cause eye strain, dryness of the eyes, dizziness, headaches and nausea, and blurry vision. Blue light also damages the retinal cells, which leads to refractive eye issues, including astigmatism.

Since digital devices are already part of our lives, there are practices you can do to protect your eyes while using these electronics. Give your eyes a break every 20 minutes, and avoid staring at the device’s screen in dim light or late at night to reduce the damage and exposure to blue light.

Although it is not recommended, using spectacles or designer eyewear in Singapore with blue light filter reduction lenses may help alleviate the eye strain. You may consult your eye specialist regarding this. But the most important and effective way is to limit your screen time or take an occasional digital detox.

Not Wearing Appropriate Eye Protection

Believe it or not, the branded sunglasses you are eyeing in Singapore or thespectacleswith non-corrective lenses online in Singapore can protect your eyes from injuries.

It is essential to wear protective goggles when you go swimming, either in the pool or ocean. There are protective goggles as well appropriate for home repairs and improvements. It is to protect the eyes from sawdust, cement, grass blades when mowing the lawn, hot grease and oil, and strong cleaning agents and chemicals. Welders also use specialised protective glasses to protect the eyes from bright light.

Wearing the right branded sunglasses in Singapore blocks the UV rays from entering the eyes. It also helps people with light sensitivity by minimising the effects of bright and flashing lights.

Misuse of eye makeups

Eye makeups such as eye shadows, eyeliners, mascara, and eye creams can be harmful to the eyes if used wrongly. As much as possible, only use authentic makeup. Counterfeit beauty products may contain harmful chemicals and toxins that affect the eyes and the area around them. Make sure not to apply eyeliners and mascara near the lash line where they can block the oil glands.

Make sure to use new makeup only. Bacterias propagate in old cosmetic products. You can discard them after three months. Avoid sleeping without washing off your makeup as well. There is a higher chance where makeup like mascara and eyeliner penetrate the eyes while we are asleep, scratching the cornea or the eye’s surface, leading to infection.

Neglecting Eye Checkup and Optometrist Visits

Like any other body parts, getting your eyes checked and tested regularly helps with the early prevention of vision disorders like cataract, glaucoma, refractive eye errors, and diabetic retinopathy.

For people with underlying refractive eye errors like astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness, it is important to visit your optometrist to know if they are changes to the corrective lenses of your prescription glasses in Singapore.

Without proper corrective lenses, you are prone to road accidents, especially if you are a driver.

Vision problems are sometimes accompanied by constant headaches and nausea. Eye exams help in discovering illnesses such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and thyroid disease. It is better to have your eye checked to diagnose the root cause of these symptoms.

Regular consultation with an ophthalmologist helps prevent, diagnose, and treat severe vision problems like cataract and glaucoma.

Reasons Why You Should Wear Eyeglasses

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Whether it be prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and even prescription sunglasses in Singapore, wearing appropriate eyewear is essential in preventing vision disorders and slowing the progression of existing eye conditions.

Here are the reasons why you should wear appropriate eyewear and spectacles daily:

Eyeglasses Improve Your Vision

Of course, the sole reason why you need prescription glasses with corrective lenses in Singaporeis to improve your vision.

Refractive eye errors affect not only adults but also children. There are several risk factors of refractive errors, such as genetics and eye injury.

There are three types of astigmatism: myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, and mixed astigmatism.

Refractive eye errors among children affect their academic performance Adults may suffer from constant headaches and dry eyes due to the combination of vision disorder and exposure to blue light.

Prescription glasses in Singapore help improve the vision of children and adults with refractive errors of the eye. With better vision, children may perform well at school, while adults increase their productivity at work. Wearing prescription glasses lowers the risk of accidents as well.

For people involved in sports and other vigorous activities, you get or purchase a sports strap for eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses Protect Your Eyes

Yourdesigner eyewear in Singapore is more than just for fashion and aesthetic purposes; they also protect your eyes!

Your branded sunglasses in Singapore help block the UV light from entering your eyes. The UV rays and radiation damage the eyes, leading to severe vision problems like macular degeneration, worst case, loss of eyesight.

Appropriate eyewear also protects eyes that are hypersensitive to bright and flashing lights called photophobia. It also slows down the progression of existing eye conditions, especially among the elderly.

Whenbranded sunglasses in Singapore, make those with 100{6f764f0318f708328c6abf9082075486836bb668c992439c97bd655ccc97bfe3} protection against UVB and UVA radiation. You can look for the UV label or ask your optometrist for them.

Much better to consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist for prescription sunglasses in Singapore. Withprescription sunglasses in Singapore, you get improved vision and eye protection in a pair of eyeglasses. Eyewear today incorporates new technology in eyeglasses, including transition lenses.

Eyeglasses Are Fashionable

Believe it or not, a pair of eyeglasses can be an accessory for fashion. Apart from flaunting your branded sunglasses during summer in Singapore,you can still look fashionable and stylish with aestheticprescription glasses in Singapore.

You can choose whichever colour of spectaclesavailable online in Singapore to fit your skin tone. There are different kinds and shapes of frames that are suitable for any facial shape and features.

On the other hand, people use non-corrective spectacles you can buy online in Singaporeto look smart. Because of the glass-bearers stereotype we have, there are people who use non-functional eyeglasses to complete their fashion look, at the same time, to appear intelligent and efficient.

Eyeglasses Are Convenient

One alternative to eyeglasses is contact lenses. Contact lenses are thin disc lenses that are placed directly on the iris’ surface. Contact lenses andprescription glasses in Singaporeserve the same purpose– to correct and improve vision.

Generally, contact lenses are transparent film, but they can also come in different colours for aesthetic and fashion purposes.

However, contact lenses can be more demanding when it comes to maintenance and hygiene. On the other hand, prescription glasses in Singaporehave fewer directions for use and are low maintenance.

The risks for eye infection is much higher for contact lenses than eyeglasses due to unhygienic handling and use of contacts.

Eyeglasses Are Cost-Effective

Prescription sunglasses in Singaporeprevent UV damage in the eyes, while prescription glasses help improve our vision and prevent the progression of refractive errors of the eyes.

Without proper eye care and protection, our eyes are susceptible to damages, injuries, and conditions. The progression and worsening of these eye conditions are costly if you calculate the treatment for Lasik surgery and other eye procedures.

Protecting your eyes and breaking unhealthy habits that ruin the eyesight help avoid unnecessary hospital expenses.

How To Take Care Of Your Prescription Glasses


Whether it be prescription spectacles or sunglasses in Singapore, here are the tips on how to properly maintain and clean your eyewear.

Dry clean your eyewear

It is common for prescription glasses in Singapore to accumulate dust particles, oil from fingerprints, sweat, and vapour. Use a lint-free microfibre cloth to clean the lenses and the frame. When you buy your spectacles, they usually come with a microfibre cloth.

Avoid using your shirt, regular handkerchief, tissue, and napkins for your glasses. It may scratch the lenses, smear the oil more, and coat the glass with their microfibres.

Use cleaning solution

There are cleaning solutions available in the optical shop, pharmacy, and market appropriate for spectacles and branded sunglasses in Singapore. If the cleaning solutions are not available, you can use lukewarm water and gentle soap. Do not use saliva! Non-oil or neutral oil-based soap is ideal. Gently rub the lenses with a lint-free cloth. Wash the frames as well.

Use a paper towel to dry the frame structure while leaving the lenses to air dry. Once the lenses are dry, wipe them with a microfibre cloth.

Disinfect the nose pad

Damp a paper towel or tissue with alcohol. Wipe the nose pad and frame that hooks the ear with alcohol.

Avoid placing your eyewear in hot areas

As much as possible, keep your eyeglasses a room temperature. Avoid placing them in hot areas such as inside a parked car, near the grill, and directly under the sun. The hot temperature may melt and warp the frame. It may affect the lenses as well.

Avoid placing your eyewear near corrosive chemicals

Do not put yourprescription glasses in Singaporenear the sink, handicrafts table, vanity, and cupboards where cleaning agents are kept. Chemicals like acetone can be corrosive and destructive to the lenses and frame. Keeping your eyewear away from these chemicals avoid exposure to accidental spills.

Store your eyewear in a hardshell case

Your eyeglasses are prone to scratch and break if you keep them bare in your bag’s pocket. When you are not wearing them, keep your designer eyewear in Singapore in a hardshell case to prevent accumulating dust and to protect the lenses from breaking in case of falls and slips. Place your spectacles in their case with lenses facing upward. Avoid putting them on your head or hanging them on your shirt when not in use.

Our eyes are one of the most vital organs in the body. That is why they deserve proper health care. Protect your eyes and improve your eyesight with Better Vision.

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