Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Few Popular Pearl Necklace Styles That are Popular Worldwide

‘Style’ is one of the prime factors to consider while choosing a pearl necklace to adorn your lovely neck. If you are a novice in buying pearl jewels, it is best to know about the trendy styles and designs that are currently popular worldwide.

Here is a short insight about the fabulous styles –

  • Choker

They are usually fourteen to sixteen inches necklace kind worn closely around the neck of its wearer. It is usually a broad solitary strand. Expert beautician advice choker style of pearl strings best for short neck ladies and to be worn with Indian classic dress or enhances the appealing look of low neckline dark colour garments.

  • Opera necklace

It is mostly lengthy necklace usually having small and big size pearls arranged beautifully covering the whole neckline and down till your belly sometimes. It will be perfect accessory to be worn with party or wedding dress. The added advantage is that you can wear the strings multi stranded or wear it single strand like long chain having well carved clasps in between. This kind of style is usually designed by using high class pearls like Akoya or Tahitian pearls. 

  • Single stranded pendant

It is the most common and elegant way of wearing pearl necklace with beautifully designed pendant. The popularity is regularly rising because the single strand pearl with a well patterned gem stone pendant can be worn with any kind of dress.

  • Collar necklaces

This kind is modern kind of pearl pendant blends very well with vessel and round neckline dress. It is worn closely around neck like a collar, thus highlights neck part quite beautifully. 

  • Pearl multi coloured string necklace

Usually worn with long party dress or with evening gowns. The enchanting dazzling colourful pearls make you look sexy and appealing. 

  • Princess necklaces

The pearls are used for exclusively designed pendant usually big in size made of valuable metal like platinum, gold and silver. They are mostly worn with low cut neckline dresses. 

Any style of pearl necklaces is best to be worn with modern as well as traditional dresses. You only need to choose the best among the many pearl ornaments present in the jewellery showroom or online stores.