Friday, 13 May 2022

Fitness Beginners: 7 Tips to Find the Best Workout for Your Body

It’s been years since you said you’ll get back in shape. You’ve been procrastinating because exercising takes dedication, time, effort, and a lot of sweat! Hearing this makes you lose motivation to get your body moving. At this point, you still don’t know where to start. You might catch yourself looking in the mirror and asking yourself: How can I start exercising? Shall I avoid eating rice? What exercise will suit my body, and do I need to use home workout equipment?

There are many questions about working out that you must answer before starting your fitness journey. Exercising is indeed about your physical body, but making your mind cooperate will also help along the way. One way to improve mind-body cooperation is to educate yourself about the proper fitness routine.

Luckily, this article will explain why exercising is beneficial and how to find the appropriate workout for your body. So, read on and start your transformation!

A Reminder for Fitness Beginners

Your body is a vessel that needs protection, care, and love. Exercising is about making your body move. Although it’s beneficial, exercising can also lead to injuries and accidents. Without the proper knowledge, you may overwork your body or use the wrong workout equipment. So, as you begin the fitness journey, there are some reminders you need to follow for a safer workout routine.

Here are important reminders every fitness beginner should know:


Reminder 1: Body Hydration

Sweat, sweat, sweat! Yes, you will lose body fluids as you lift weights, jump, run, walk, etc. It’s a good sign because you’re burning calories. However, you have to be responsible for those fluids lost. Drink water before, during, and after workouts to ensure body hydration.

Singapore is a tropical country; the weather can even make you sweat more! So, don’t forget to include a water jug in your fitness equipment for home. Replenishing your body with fluids can help you achieve optimum workout performance. Plus, drinking water supports your recovery and prepares you for the next workout session.

Reminder 2: The Importance of Warming Up

For sure, no one wants to experience injuries or accidents while working out. To do so, you should know the importance of warming up. Before using your workout equipment in Singapore,  make sure you already have stretched or done low impact exercises. This way, you’ll avoid soreness and improve flexibility.

Fortunately, there are many warm-up exercises videos on YouTube to follow. Take some time to adjust your body with the intensity from low-impact to high-impact. Warm-up can only take 10-15 minutes. A professional reminder: be gentle on your body and prepare before getting your heartbeat up!

Reminder 3: Prepare a Healthy Diet

Working out is only half the battle in your fitness journey. The other 50% is preparing a healthy diet for your nutrients intake. An effective workout is about balancing the calories you lose and gain. On top of this, a balanced diet should include proteins, fruits and vegetables, grains, and dairy.

Plus, it would help if you had discipline with your eating habits. Although you’re using the proper workout and sports equipment in Singapore, the way you eat can affect your overall efforts. If you don’t know how to proportion your food, it’s better to look for a fitness trainer to guide you.

Reminder 4: Cooling Down

Just like warming up, cooling down is also an essential part of your workout routine. It’s not advisable to do a high-intense workout then another intense exercise without cooling down in between. When you cool down, it helps your body return to a normal state.

When lifting heavy home workout equipment, make sure you already did light exercises like aerobics and stretching. Now, you might wonder: how to know if your cooldown is enough?

The signs are that your breathing restores to the regular pattern and lessens the muscles soreness.

Reminder 5: Give Yourself a Break

It may seem like working out till your limitations are admirable. However, you must listen to your body because you should know your limits. Once you know your limits, you can become more mindful when you feel pain, discomfort, or injuries.

Remember that working out faster and longer doesn’t mean it’s better. Taking a break is also essential in your workout routine. Even if you feel like using your workout equipment, be mindful if your body is telling you to take a rest. Don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with lying on your couch and doing nothing in the meantime!

You can use these reminders once starting your fitness journey for a safer experience. Furthermore, it’s time for you to know the appropriate workout for your body to get the best results. Plus, you’ll see the home workout equipment you need to buy. Continue reading for better fitness knowledge.


Here’s How You Can Find the Perfect Workout for Your Body

There are many types of exercises, and to help you choose, here are some of them: aerobics, strength training, callisthenics, HIIT, yoga, and pilates. You can even go to the gym or use fitness equipment for home. Indeed, you can try any of them.

However, not every exercise trend or routine will work for your body. Fret not, because there are exercises that will suit you. You can say that for every body type, there is an appropriate workout.

Hence, this section will show how to find the perfect workout routine for your body and health condition.


1) Consider Your Goals

There are three common reasons why people work out: health, aesthetics and happiness. Most young people tend to work out because they want to be more “attractive”, while older people because of their health. And in general, people want to exercise because it boosts their happiness.

Knowing your goals would be easier to identify the workout that aligns with your needs and preferences. On top of this, you must consider how these exercises will impact your outlook in life. Will you become more confident, or can you gain more strength?

Keep in mind that your goals will fuel your motivation along the way. Nonetheless, make sure you stick to your plans to get the best results while using your workout equipment.

2) Your Time Availability

Are you a busy young professional who only has the weekends for workout sessions? Are you a single parent who has a few hours a day to exercise? Or are you a college student on a summer vacation? Regardless of your schedule, make sure to look for a workout that will suit your lifestyle.

People with a lot of free time can opt to go to the gym, while busy people can choose a home workout equipment plan. You might ask: why does time availability matter? Well, consistency is essential in your workout routine because it will produce more stable results.

It’s not helpful if you will only work out when you feel like doing it. Working out is a dedication, and you have to incorporate it into your daily routine. Hence, your time availability matters when following an exercise program or using home and sports equipment.

3) Did You Enjoy Working Out?

It would be best if you asked this question during your fitness journey. The key to sticking to a workout plan is to enjoy the process. It means you’re not dreading working out for the sake of moving your body. You have to work out because you find it enjoyable! If you find yourself feeling more drained than energised, it means the workout is not for you.

Don’t suffer from the exercise you hate because you can try plenty of exercise programs at the gym and at home. You can use home workout equipment to do your powerlifting. You can even attend Zumba and dance classes.

You can also try boxing, martial arts, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All you have to do is find what’s best for your body. Try workout plans as many as you can until you find the one you enjoy. Plus, there have been more and more workouts and fitness equipment for a home you can choose from through the years.

4) Create a Plan

Another way to find the best workout for your body is to create a plan. Just like with any project, a goal increases your chances of success. So, you have two options: you can look for a professional fitness trainer or create your workout plan. If you choose to hire fitness trainers, follow their advice and be diligent.

On the other hand, if you choose to do it independently, create a workout plan. To help you, here are the steps you must follow when creating your exercise routine:

  • Schedule your workout days
  • Pick the type of workout
  • Also, schedule your rest days
  • Purchase your workout equipment (Fitness mat, dumbbells, stationary bike)
  • Include variety

Of course, you can also add steps to the given list above. But make sure that it will suit your body type. In conclusion, a workout routine will teach you how to enjoy and appreciate your exercise progress.

5) Choose Sustainable Over Instant Results

As you scroll YouTube while finding workout videos, you’ll see how fitness influencers promise an instant result. You’ll see videos with titles like “Get Abs in Two Weeks” or “Summer Body in One Month!” Well, it might work for some, but sustainability is more applicable for everyone.

If you follow these short programs, it will probably not work for your body because you don’t have a long-term plan. Remember that the best workout is a sustainable one, which means you can do it even years from now!

To do so, you can invest in home workout equipment and practice consistency. Also, don’t expect fast results because they might only offer temporary changes. It’s better to have a sustainable lifestyle for more permanent results.

6) Supportive People

The best workout plan is with the best people. Yes, your mind also plays a role in your overall fitness success. You don’t want people who will discourage you, saying things like: “you’re too weak”, “you can’t lose weight”, or “just give up!”All of these can shatter your motivation to improve.

Even if the exercise fits, people around you also have the power to affect your relationship with your fitness journey. If you surround yourself with these people, don’t think twice and make the switch right away!

Look for another gym or, better yet, use fitness equipment for home so you can focus on yourself rather than listening to other people. Lastly, keep in mind that supportive people will be a source of motivation during your darkest days.

7) Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Mind conditioning is also essential to enjoy your workout. Sometimes, once you love the training, it’s automatically the best for your body. Working out is not always about seeing gains or losing weight. It’s also about making yourself feel confident. You might not see results, but it improves your mood and self-esteem, then it’s best for you.

For instance, biking and hiking both are forms of exercise, but doing them may not give you a toned body. However, does it matter? Of course, no, because it fuels your passion and happiness.

Also, don’t let people tell you where to exercise. If you feel more comfortable at home, then go for it! You can buy home workout equipment or sports equipment in Singapore for your routine. So,  stop comparing yourself and do what makes you happy.


 Want to Make Your Workout Fun? Change Your Mindset!

Workout doesn’t have to feel like work because exercise should make you feel excited and energised. Most people assume that working out is a job you have to finish every day. It’s not like washing dishes, mopping the floor, or doing the laundry. There are ways to make your workout more fun!

To begin with, choose an exercise that will suit your body, as mentioned in this article. Secondly, trust the process. Finally, be proud of yourself because of your dedication and hard-working attitude.

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