Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Five Reasons Why Wooden Toys Make Better Gifts For Children 

There are countless types and designs of toys available, whether you’re buying them for your own children, or as gifts for others. However, as much as technology is improving, and with bigger and better toys being manufactured, there’s nothing as unique and classic as a wooden toy. Other than being timeless and beautiful, wooden toys have more to offer than just that. But if you need more reasons why wooden toys make better gifts, here are five.

  1. They’re More Durable Than Plastic 

Be honest, very young children are not careful in their movements. Have you ever seen a toddler put his or her toys away after they’re finished playing? No. You’re more likely to find them spread across the house, some in the garden, in the bathroom and possibly in your bedroom. You’ll even find them stashed in the oven or inside the dog’s bed. You can’t blame a toddler for doing this, but you can buy toys that are capable of withstanding rough play.

After a while, plastic becomes hard and brittle, making them easily breakable. If these toys are left lying around, they could get stepped on, kicked, and even chewed by the dog. Wooden toys would be better for your child’s safety because they won’t break as easily – making them less of a choking hazard – as other mass-produced products. These gifts would last a lifetime.

  1. Wooden Toys Are Safer Than Plastic 

Whether it’s at school, on playdates, or from gifts, your children are surrounded by toys all day, every day. Most of those toys will be manufactured out of plastic; however, we don’t always know what’s in those plastic toys. What are they made of? Depending on where they were manufactured, how cheap they were to buy, and if they were mass-produced, some toys may contain traces of toxic chemicals, making them unsafe for children. That’s why wooden toys are safer. Not only do wooden toys not break into tiny pieces that could be a choking hazard, but they are also devoid of all toxins. Wooden toys like Wooden Toy Stove are typically manufactured using sustainably sourced woods, child-friendly paints, prints and varnishes so that there’s no chance of contracting an illness from exposure to a toxin. You can buy it from this website.

  1. Wooden Toys Promote Creative Play 

Is there anything more powerful than a child’s imagination? Many people believe that the purpose of toys is to spur the imagination; to kick it into gear, and to promote creativity. Wooden toys do just that. They aren’t manufactured with fancy, technological implants that make them sing or speak or dance. They’re simple toys, which are created to spark a child’s curiosity and fire up their imagination. Wooden toys are also known to develop excellent motor skills, as well as social, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination skills, and more.

  1. They’re More Sustainable 

One of the best reasons why wooden toys are better than mass-produced plastic is because the materials are sourced sustainably. Most other toys are manufactured in factories, using too many resources and hazardous chemicals to make them. They also don’t last as long as wooden toys, so every time a plastic toy breaks, it becomes yet another plastic piece of garbage that doesn’t biodegrade. Parents should consider the planet that their children will inherit when they grow up. Buying wooden toys that are made out of reclaimed or sustainably grown wood for toys means that they’re safe for your child and the environment.

  1. Wooden Toys Can Be Passed Down 

Because wooden toys last longer than the average toy, they can be passed down from one generation to another. Remember, the longer a toy lasts, the more sentimental it becomes. They can also be sanded down, repainted and refurbished if they start looking worn, and they can be regifted to another child in your family. The ability to pass the same toy down to younger generations makes them much more sentimental than any other mass-produced toy you could buy at the store.

Most toys you can find these days have been produced across Asia. Not only are they unoriginal, but they’re also cheaply made and some out of potentially harmful materials. With wooden toys, you can give a gift that is safe, durable and long-lasting. If you and your family are concerned about your carbon footprint, you can rest assured that wooden toys are environmentally friendly and sustainable. When it’s thrown away, it’ll decompose; therefore, leaving no negative impact on the planet. The next time you’re looking for a children’s gift, consider a wooden toy. They’re timeless classics, to be passed down from one generation to the next after giving each child many years of joy.