Sunday, 9 Jun 2024

Glasses with the Right Settings for you


If you wear glasses, you will understand how important it is that they adapt correctly to the shape of your face and head. You will probably have to wear them for many hours a day, so it is essential that they are comfortable. Here we explain how to adjust the glasses so that they do not fall off. And if you are tired of your old glasses you can find new ones in our online store or in any of our centers.

How should your glasses be?

The first thing to consider is that the frame is straight with respect to your face. To check if it is crooked, you can put it on a flat surface and verify that it does not look slanted. However, always prioritize that you feel it straight when wearing it, as some inclinations may be due to having one ear higher than the other.

On the other hand, the glasses should be at the same distance from your face on both sides, without being too close. Likewise, it is recommended that the distance to the eye is the minimum possible while it is comfortable. In addition, the nose pads should not slip, but also do not leave marks. The Ray Ban sunglasses nose pads are perfect as per your requirement.

As for the rods, they must not touch your temples and must rest behind the ear, in the temporal bone. They have to follow the curve of your head to fit properly.

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Why are the glasses out of adjustment?

There are a number of reasons why glasses can be misfit. One of them is that they suffer a fall, but the cause can also lie in daily habits. One of them, for example, is to put the frame on the head as a headband. This puts pressure on the hinges and can warp them.

Another trigger for the mismatch of glasses is putting them on and taking them off with one hand and making a sharp diagonal movement to open and close them. Although this habit is very common, the correct thing to do is to put on the lenses with both hands and keep them in a straight position.

Of course, we also recommend that you keep them in a hard case when you are not using them. This way they will be much more protected.

How to adjust the glasses?

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should only make small adjustments. Otherwise, it may be more difficult to fix them later. In the event that you consider that more important adjustments are needed, it is better to go to your optician.

Note that the optical center should be right in front of your eyes. So you don’t have to look up or down to see well. Having said that, the settings will be different depending on whether your glasses don’t fit well on your nose or your head.