Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Greater Choices for the Best T Shirts for You

Today, a little full return on the T-shirt is a key piece in the spring and summer, a piece that can be particularly important when you play with the game of overlays. In short, V-necks, round necks, colours, printed will have no secrets for you after this article. The Dad and Mom Shirts really work perfect here.

The plain T-shirt

  • This is generally the type of T-shirt that should be the largest part of your wardrobe.
  • White and grey are timeless basics that you will wear all your life and for any occasion: alone, under a shirt or under a jacket, the mistake is impossible with them.
  • Once you better master your basics, get started in the colours. A hint, use shades to match your outfits with colour t-shirts, but do not overdo colour when you already have a flashy t-shirt.

The brands we recommend:

At entry level, there is a T Shirt and offers low quality products but the value for money unbeatable (around 8 dollars). We recommend the t-shirts with tight budgets.

In the range above, American Apparel, more suitable, with t-shirts around 20 dollars. Finally, American Vintage is a French brand that offers very nice products, including mid-range t-shirts very suitable around 45 euros.

We also tested the Tar T-shirt white organic cotton very thick, and we also recommend.

Graphic / printed T-shirt

  • The graphic or printed T-shirt is a T-shirt with a pattern or image on it.
  • Warning: you cannot do everything with your graphic T-shirt, there are even things not to do.
  • First tip: beware of graphic tee shirts seen and reviewed, we all cross one day or another in the street. No originality.

Eleven t-shirt

We avoid the T-shirts Eleven Paris, very (too), which were very popular a few years ago.

It is often said, do not rely too much on trends, it’s bad for your style. But if you really like these t-shirts, no command will prevent you from wearing them.¬†

Enjoy yourself first

Printed too big

(No, this print does not fit at all, it’s too big, takes up too much space on your T-shirt, we’ll avoid) And frankly, you want to look like that when you’re wearing a t-shirt? To some strange characters)

Do not wear this t-shirt

(Should we really tell you what’s wrong with this printed T-shirt? Whatever for a costume party)

T-shirt printed

(They make pretty fun prints, not enough to spend astronomical sums either, but you can go and have a look for simple and cheap t-shirts.) Multibrands of this type are a good idea. It is general to see what is happening, there is also options for example.)

Finally, we recommend you the exceptional printed t-shirts that we tested. They are a little more expensive, but the work on cuts and materials is well worth the price.

The high-end T-shirt

The top-of-the-range T-shirt is characterized apart from its price, by a real work done on the design, the materials, the cuts and the quality of printing. Do not bother going too far in this direction if you do not already master all the basics. These are really worked pieces that, even if they deserve a look, are difficult to wear properly.