Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Hair must haves for your 40s, 50s – anti-ageing hair care products

When we pronounce the sacred word “anti-age” the first thing that comes to our mind is skincare. Pigment spots, wrinkles, sagging tissues – it seems that all these age-related processes have been studied by us on the up and up, as well as ways to deal with them.

In pursuit of youthful skin, do not forget that hair also needs treatment and anti ageing hair care products.

What do I need to know about hair ageing?

Let’s go together through the main signs of hair ageing and first of all we will mention the most obvious one – hair turns grey with age. However except for genetics, also factors such as stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and, in individual cases, serious illnesses can play a huge role. One of the solutions is, of course, colour your hair. However, it is important to consider that grey hair is dyed completely differently from the young pigmented one. Therefore, to make your favourite shade look bright and rich, you should think about treatment in advance. Here shampoos, conditioners and other products from the anti ageing hair care collection, which include such sos-ingredients as omega-type fatty acids, will help you.

Another, not less obvious, consequence of hair ageing is that the amount of hair decreases, and not only in case of hair loss, but because of the fact that after each “loss” the hair that comes to replace the old one does not have enough strength to grow up healthy. In addition to the fact that hair becomes thinner with age, it loses weight and density both along the entire length and at the roots, which leads to the lack of support from the roots and, as a result, lose volume.  Moreover, hair usually loses shine, changes texture, becomes dry and so on. Don’t make a mistake in thеse cases, as many women do. Do not increase styling rituals, better use professional natural anti ageing hair care products which are aimed at dealing with ageing problems.

What I should do?

To avoid all consequences of hair ageing, it is vitally important to provide hair with nutrition, nourishment and all needed vitamins and minerals. It is advisable to include into you rituals in addition to shampoo and conditioner such anti ageing hair care products as bi-phase sprays and serums which will help your hair to regain vitality, youth and energy and protect from ageing as well as from external factors.

As we see it turns out that in addition to a completely obvious colour change, after 40 our hair begins to undergo a fundamental transformation, so each of us should thoroughly prepare following the provided information and tips.