Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Handmade Wooden Jewelry : Buying Vs. Making 

Wooden jewelry boxes are beautiful, sturdy, and stylish at the same time. They can be made in different designs to suit your needs. You can shape the box anyhow you want since it doesn’t have to be four-cornered and plain. You can carve a box in the shape of your favorite item or just keep it simple if that is what you prefer. The flexibility that comes with using wooden jewelry is amazing. So, should you make the wooden boxes yourself or pay someone to make them for you ? More info Here :-

How to Make Girls Wooden Jewelry Boxes ?

If you’re an artisan who already has the knowledge and skill for carving wood, but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet, you can make jewelry boxes yourself in the comfort of your home. You only need the right set of tools and adequate motivation.

First off, you need to buy wood. If you’re working on a low budget, oak wood or poplar would do. You can source the wood locally or check the internet. Some vendors sell wood in natural forms while others do some refining before the sale. The one you choose should depend on the overall appearance you want for your complete box.

While most professional artisans use a lathe to make jewelry boxes, the cost is too high for someone who doesn’t want to start a wood carving business. You can use your regular garage tools to cut and carve the wood to your desired shape. Some artisans can complete the process without using a single power tool. To make things easier for yourself, check an online tutorial for tips and tricks for making handmade jewelry boxes.

Why You Should Buy Jewelry Boxes Instead ?

Some people believe that making jewelry boxes is more affordable than buying from a professional craftsperson or vendor. This isn’t always the case since the cost of buying all the materials you’ll need will most likely be more than the cost of simply buying one. Except you intend to make a business out of it or you simply want to make it a hobby, you’ll save money by simply buying a new one from a professional artisan.

Help Keep Craftspeople in Business

Due to the advancement in technology, craftspeople across the globe are losing their jobs. Not many people still value crafts work like antique jewelry boxes. By buying your boxes instead of doing it yourself, you will be playing a part in keeping crafts alive and helping craftspeople stay in business.

How to Get High-Quality Wooden Jewelry Boxes ?

You can buy antique, Asian, or vintage handmade jewelry boxes from All the boxes are made of high-quality wood by professional craftspeople with years of experience. Prices range from high to low depending on what you can afford. There are small wooden jewelry boxes and large boxes with different compartments. If you don’t like the existing designs, you can choose from a collection of unfinished boxes, pick your preferred design, and have exactly what you want.