Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Here are some great housewarming gifts you can give a new homeowner

Do you have a close friend that has just moved into a new home? You have probably received an invite to their housewarming party. This is a common trend among most new homeowners. As you plan on how you to visit them, you have to think of the perfect gift to bring. People appreciate small sentiments that show that you care. You don’t have to spend so much for you to get the perfect house warming gift for a friend. If you are not sure what would be an ideal gift, the following ideas can help.

A gift card to a fancy restaurant

Settling down to a new home can be quite stressful. Most new homeowners barely have the time to cook during the first few days. A gift card to a restaurant can be a lifesaver during this period. You can even order for them cooked meals delivered at their doorstep. This would be a nice gesture that they would not forget.

Nice candles

Add the warmth into the new home by giving your friend a fancy candle. You can choose one that has a subtle scent to make the home feel more pleasant. The packaging of this gift can also make it look more valuable. Do not forget to add a lighter to the gift since such things are easily forgotten during relocation.

Baked goods

If your friend is a fan of cakes or any other baked stuff, you should consider bringing this is as a housewarming gift. You can even remind them of their favorite baked food from their previous neighborhood by taking the time to shop from there.

Flowers or a plant

Nature has a way of brightening homes instantly. The new space needs some flowers or a plant. Getting your friend some flowers in a classy vase can make them smile and relieve the stress that comes from moving. It can also make the new home look welcoming. Since most of the plants need a lot of care, go for options such as a snake plant so that you don’t give them more work.

Storage containers

Organizing a new home can also be stressful without enough storage containers. This would be an ideal housewarming gift for people who have just moved in. They can use some of the storage containers to store food neatly in cabinets.

Personalized items

We are all sentimental about certain things. If, for instance, your friend was so much into the previous neighborhood, you could take photos of her favorite spots and contact a canvas printing service provider. They could help you come up with personalised canvas prints that your friend would love. Such prints would look amazing on the walls of the new home and fill up space.

Welcome mat

Every new home deserves a classic welcome mat. Since most new homeowners focus on more important items during the move, this item may not be a priority. A welcome mat can, therefore, be a thoughtful housewarming gift.

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