Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Historical Battles Zhao Yun Has Fought in

The dragon spear wielding Zhao Yun has fought in numerous battles throughout his illustrious war career. Here, we’ll take a look at a couple of his famous battles that culminated into victorious wins. 

Battle of Bowang

One of the earliest battles Zhao Yun fought in while under the warlord Liu Bei. The Battle of Bowang unfolded in 202 when Liu Bei planned an ambush on Cao Cao’s (the opposing warlord) regions. Cao Cao retaliated by deploying his war general Xiahou Dun and troops to safeguard his territory. Ultimately, Cao Cao’s troops lost the battle. The battle’s aftermath led to the capture of one of Cao Cao’s officer, Xiahou Lan. Xiahou Lan happened to hail from the same village as Zhao Yun. Upon realizing his connection with Xiahou Lan, Zhao Yun took the initiative to have Xiahou Lan’s life spared. He appealed to Liu Bei to allow Xiahou Lan to helm the role of military judge, having remembered that Xiahou Lan was well-versed with matters involving the law. By doing so, Zhao Yun saved and gave Xiahou Lan a second chance at life. 

Battle of Changban

In 208, Liu Biao passed away and the mantle was handed over to his younger son, Liu Cong, who assumed the role to govern Jing Province. Unfortunately, when Cao Cao dispatched a mission soon thereafter to dispose of contradicting powers in southern China, Liu Cong intentionally gave up and yielded Jing Province to CaoCao. Liu Bei and his supporters headed southwards toXiakou which was protected by Liu Biao’s older child Liu Qi and was free of Cao Cao’s influence.

Cao then deployed 5,000 of his riders to go after Liu Bei and they found him at Changban, bringing about the Battle of Changban. Liu Bei fled and had to leave his family behind. In was then that Zhao Yun escorted Liu Bei’s young child Liu Shan and his wife Lady Gan to safety during the fight and essentially preserved their lives. For this courageous act, he was conferred the position General of the Standard for his endeavours. 

During the aftermath of the Battle of Changban, Liu Bei heard gossipthat Zhao Yun had deflected and had travelled north to serve CaoCao. Liu Bei did not accept such gossip and was confident that Zhao Yun would never abandon him. His trust in Zhao Yun proved true and Zhao Yun eventually went back to his side. 

According to historical records, Zhao Yun went on to fight in many more battles as his loyal service to Liu Bei. His loyalty and courage eventually cemented him as one of Ancient China’s most celebrated historical figure. This resulted in modern day films and games taking inspiration from his heroic endeavours.