Tuesday, 30 May 2023

House-piration: Celebrity Homes That May Drive You To Redecorate

 Whether you are on the hunt for house-piration or planning to buy in an online furniture shop, there is no better place to get inspired than from the beautiful abodes of celebrities that you can see in celebrity house tours.

House tours are the most anticipated type of videos in celebrity vlogs. Nowadays, people are totally hooked on seeing how famous people style their rooms, dining area, living, and even backyard. Fans and the public highly request either a room tour or the look of the entire house. Most of the time, fans and the public binge-watch celebrity house tour videos. Celebrities give people a glimpse of what is inside their homes and share a few prized possessions on their vlogs.

These house tour vlogs are up for watching now, wherever you are. Big thanks to YouTube! Watching these vlogs may encourage you to buy a new set of dining, living, bedroom, or balcony furniture in Singapore.

Here are six celebrities that gave a rare peek into their houses, which may drive you to redecorate your home.


Through house tour videos, fans get to feel and see another layer of these celebrities. They get to know them better through their choices in furniture pieces, accent decors, colour palette, style pegs, and much more. Some stars also share a few personal items or memorabilia that wow the mass. Below are the big names in Hollywood that gave the public a virtual tour of what is inside their homes.


Robert Downey Jr., or as his fans call him RDJ, owns a converted windmill abode in the Hamptons. RDJ shares that it was built as a playhouse, but he and his wife decided to transform the home. With the help of their house designer, Nahem, they renovated and redecorated the house. Their peg was to have an easy-breezy ambience. The Iron man star played with whites, woods, browns, foliage, and natural elements inside their home. They added retro wall arts with funny jokes and witty designs on them.

Almost all of their tables are wood in material, including their centre, console, side, coffee, and dining table. If you wish to have a comfy, woody, and earth-inspired home like RDJ’s, you can get your home a solid wood dining table in Singapore. The highlight of their home is his wife Susan’s office. It is on the top of their windmill home. With its superb views, it makes the perfect and ideal setup for the WFH situation!


Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman own a country home in California. Anne has been wanting a lodge that is ideal during their winter getaways. The couple asked for help from a designer, Pamela Shamshiri. Because of the vibe the couple wanted, Shamshiri used wooden and brick elements for the entire house. She designed a custom wooden table and placed a 1940s Turkish carpet beneath the centre table. They also asked for a fireplace on their terrace. Along with their brick hearth, there are two sofa seats and a wooden centre table. When revamping your terrace, you may also consider buying a balcony sofa from furniture shops in Singapore.




Contrary to Sharpay Evans’ mad love for pink, Ashley Tisdale chose to go with whites in her home. The High School Musical iconic superstar designed her home and decided to go with a minimalist design. Her house consists of whites, creams, a bit of pink (of course, she’s still Sharpay at heart!), and greens. She loved looking at trees, plants, and nature during her pregnancy.

The actress’ favourite part is their living room. She shared that designing their living area gave her so much pleasure and bliss. Purchasing a sofa from online shops in Singapore is challenging, especially finding the best seat. Here is a tip from Ashley, buy vintage! She chose a white vintage sofa seat from a 1971 collection from Mario Bellini. Then, throw in white pillows and a rose-pink cosy blanket as accents.


High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens is fond of old and vintage. That is the main reason why she bought Gary Oldman’s old home. For designing her interiors, Vanessa took the task with the help of her best friend, Ashley Tisdale. She got pieces of advice from Ashley on where and what to buy. Vanessa bought some of her pieces both from a physical store and an online furniture shop.

Inside her home, the first thing you will see once you enter is her piano. She wanted a French and casual ambience and feel for her home. Like Ashley, Vanessa also bought a vintage mohair couch. When you buy a sofa, look for online shops in Singapore that sellvintage pieces. Her house, including her sofa, plays with soft femme colours. For the actress, it symbolises femininity and celebrating women’s bodies.


Los Angeles rock star and Maroon 5’s frontman Adam Levine also shared his humble abode with the public. Adam also bought vintage pieces from a physical and an online furniture shop. He shared that most of what you see in his living area is old-school and antique. His 1920 Persian-designed carpet and Caucasian textile pillows are two of the oldest pieces in his home in LA. On the balcony of Adam’s house, there are also vintage pillows and a few plants that give you an overlooking view of his palm-fringed pool. If you plan to revamp your terrace, you may want to keep it simple, like Adam’s. Buy minimalist-designed balcony furniture pieces in Singaporeand add plants as accents.


Jennifer Aniston is undeniably one of the most beautiful and iconic actresses of all time! America’s sweetheart really wanted to be an interior designer. The design she had in mind was ‘Old World meets New World’. She bought various vintage and modern pieces from an online and physical furniture shop. Along the main entrance, it had a dramatic yet trendy design. Jennifer’s husband, Theroux, displayed his BMW and Ducati motorcycles. In her living room, she desired a 20th-century vibe, so most of her furniture pieces are vintage in design. The couple also displayed antique Chinese statues around the living area. For their master bathroom, they have a custom marble tub in front of their courtyard garden. What better way to take a bath than having a cosy, earthy view?



From high ceilings, painted wall arts, and cosy pools to vintage sofas, these celebrities absolutely found a way to make their abodes as meaningful and striking as possible. With your smartphones or laptops, buying furniture is in your hand already. You can search for an online furniture shop or nearby physical furniture stores. Finding the right comfortable, affordable, and durable pieces is the best investment you can get for your home. Like these superstars, you can also look for old-fashioned pieces, such as a vintage sofa from online shops in Singapore.

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