Friday, 12 Aug 2022

  How To Cop Practical And Stylish Womens Tote Bags

Tote bags are arguably the most functional and fashionable accessory ever made by man. While belts can cinch your waist and womens backpacks can make you feel like an adorable schoolgirl, there is nothing more satisfying than donning a chic tote that can hold just about anything.

With the number of bag types people come up with now and then, it can be challenging to distinguish a tote from a sea of other stylish sacks. To help you spot them, remember that a tote bag has a rather hefty pouch with parallel handles on either side. They can be made with any sturdy cloth, but brands typically choose leather and canvas to be their primary tote material. Its origins can be traced back to the 1940s when people needed a durable yet comfortable container for wood and ice. US-based retail company L.L.Bean saw this need and created the first mens tote bag designed for heavy duties.

An-image-of-a-canvas-tote-bagThe tote bag came a long way from being a companion in bringing ice to homes and establishments. From its original canvas material, brands took this accessory to new heights by introducing trendy materials, colours, prints, hardware, and finishes. They also introduced womens tote bags a couple of years after the initial release of the ice tote, which became a staple for countless wardrobes throughout the globe.

Due to its popularity, tote bags are now everywhere. From display windows of luxury brands to budget-friendly supermarkets, you can spot these accessories anywhere you go. But like the mens backpack, totes now come in a plethora of choices to choose from. Some models are sturdier and more stylish than others, so make sure to pick one worth your money.

However, choosing from these tote options is easier said than done. To help you seize practical and fashionable womens tote bags, keep these ten tips in mind:


Prioritise Comfort

Your tote bag may look cute because it has all the Instagram-ready details you like—but is it comfortable enough for everyday use? A good tote bag does not make your hand, arm, or shoulder feel sore after a few hours of use. However, it does not need to have the cushioned features of a mens backpack to do so. Its careful construction is enough to ensure your comfort as you run your daily errands.


Ensure Versatility

The current fashion scene blurs the line between casual and formal. Briefcases are now in the streets, and individuals frequently match suits with womens tote bags. There is no strict rule about creating jaw-dropping looks, but your tote should be versatile enough to complement virtually any outfit you own. Whether you are hitting the gym or having a date night dinner with your beau, your tote bag should work just fine.


Think Purpose

The perfect tote will highly depend on the purpose you have for it. A simple black leather bag can be your go-to work bag, while a bold-patterned tote with one-of-a-kind hardware would be ideal for an occasional accessory for extra-special celebrations. While getting a bag that hits both functions is possible, you should still set a clear intention for your mens or women’s tote bag.


Consider The Type

Like womens backpacks, tote bags come in an assortment of types. If you are an adventurous gal who loves going places, a hefty day bag is perfect for you. It can house your complete cosmetics pouch, a small umbrella, and even a massive bottle—leaving your suitcase enough room for extra outfits. Meanwhile, business totes are ideal for hard-working ladies who need plenty of compartments for organisation.

Select A Shape And Size

Like every human being in this world, womens tote bags can be in different shapes and sizes. There are tall totes known for their structure, while slouchy bags are ideal for being on the go accessories. Picking according to its forms will depend on your lifestyle and taste, so do not let fashion trends dictate your tote choice.


Inspect The Materials

The first mens tote bag featured a strong canvas material. But since its invention, brands have introduced leather and polyester models that work well for their functions. If you want a lightweight and cheap bag, the cotton canvas will be the ideal material for your tote. Meanwhile, leather remains the top choice for its durability and luxurious look. Polyester totes are also sturdy, but they are not as breathable as other material options.


Scrutinise The Construction

The construction of your bag is just as crucial as your chosen material. Like mens backpack models and other bag types, a tote bag should have well-sewn interiors and exteriors. Its handles should not detach even after a few years of use. The zippers should not get stuck, misaligned, or slide open. It should also not have frayed stitches unless its designer intended to give it a rugged look.


Check The Features

From pockets to hardware, make sure to scrutinise your tote bag for its features. Its number of compartments should suit your lifestyle and fit everything you need and more whenever you use it. It should also have a healthy balance of frames, clasps, locks, chains, and straps. Womens tote bags with features more or less than your preferred amount will affect your experience with them.


Review The Brand

Brands matter when picking clothing items and accessories. Conduct research about your preferred tote’s label before making your purchase to ensure that you get a high-quality bag from a reputable company. Make sure they comply with applicable laws while producing and selling their womens tote bags to avoid trouble.


Remember Your Style

Style is the most crucial factor when buying a bag. Womens backpacks and totes may seem like meagre accessories with the sole purpose of holding everything you may need outside your home, but they can do much more than that. They can also serve as an extension of your character by highlighting your personality.

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