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How to Make Heads Turn with Iranian Jewelry?

Jewelry enhances the beauty and is worn by men and women alike for the simple fact that they love it. Formerly, jewelry in Iran was worn for status by Iranian kings and wealthy merchants. However, now, it is worn on special occasions for the mere display of love that they have towards it, besides making a fashion statement.

Well, jewelry is crafted out of various metals, gems, stones. They can sometimes be made of gold and sometimes be made of silver as well. But jewelry pieces from Iran radiate an individualism and innovation of its own. Iran Jewelry helps bring out your persona, sans a word.

Quick Tips on How to Wear an Iranian Jewelry

Red Aqeeq Ring Multicolor

Rings speak of promises more than anything and are the ultimate jewelry of love and minimalist fashion. The bright red Aqeeq ring brims with royalty and can be worn with a black flowing gown. Perfect for date nights, this ring is sure to mesmerize your partner. Thanks to its aristocratic look, you need not spend time on your hair or other accessories. 

Achaemenid Gold Earrings (Lion Shaped Appliques)

This pair of big, bold, and fierce earrings is enough to represent your ‘I care not’ attitude. Tell the world how your life is strong and how every day you set out to rule it with these Lion earrings. Pair this lovely set of earrings with stylish co-ordinates or a corporate blazer and enjoy some attention on the goUntitled

Gold Armlet with Griffin Terminals

You are wrong to interpret that armlets are not coming back to rule the fashion world. This armlet adorned with griffin terminals is a jewelry that can bring the magic of old charm back. Style it with an ethnic georgette red Churidaar or Salwar Kameez to make your party look mode on.

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