Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

The chemical remnant of THC can stay in your system for a long time. It can remain detectable anywhere from a couple of days following a single use to several months if you are a chronic user. There are several factors that will determine how long THC stays in your system, including how much you smoked, how strong your strain is, your diet and metabolism, and how much you exercise. While there is no set time frame on how long THC will remain in your body, it’s best to start preparing for a drug test as soon as you know about it. There are different ways to pass a hair drug test with a special detox shampoo to pass hair drug test.

What Is a Hair Drug Test?

A hair follicle drug test is a screening that will use a sample of hair in order to identify the presence of THC and other drugs. It’s a common method for testing because it’s accurate. Many will test with urine or blood samples in order to test for recent drug use, while the hair follicle test can detect long-term drug use. The human hair can store a longer history when compared to blood and urine. With a hair test, THC can be detected for as long as 90 days.

Ways to Pass the Test

There are some steps you can take in order to pass a hair follicle test.

Cleanse Hair and Body Naturally: Since marijuana is transported to the hair through the bloodstream, you need to start cleansing your blood of toxins. It takes about 30 days for the toxins to leave the bloodstream. When the blood is clean, the hair shaft will be too as long as enough time has passed.

Speed Up the Cleaning Process: You can shorten the cleaning process to a few weeks by going on a detox diet and using a specially formulated detox shampoo to pass hair drug test. Detox shampoos are designed to remove metabolites and older layers of oil from the scalp without damaging your hair. They will permeate the hair shaft’s structure to release and remove toxins that have accumulated. You can use a detox shampoo to pass hair drug test three to 10 days in advance. If you don’t have much time, you can also use it more often in a day. Be sure to let it sit on your hair for a few minutes and thoroughly massage it into the scalp for the best results.

Home Remedies: There are some home remedies you can use with ingredients such as lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, sea salt, and rosemary oil. These remedies can mimic the effect of a detoxifying shampoo but will involve a lot more prep time.