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How To Shop For Shoes and Clothes Online Without Mistakes

Online shopping has been around for quite some time now, but it fired up amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, where people were encouraged to stay at home, and the commercial establishments were temporarily closed.

Thanks to the eCommerce platforms, online market, and fashion boutique websites in Singapore, people were still able to shop for clothes safely, health-wise.

Online shopping has many benefits, especially during the pandemic. One is the countless options for women fashion in Singapore online, the convenience of cashless transactions, and lastly, you can shop at the comfort of your bed.

Yet, it also has its fair share of drawbacks. One of the most common is the product return cases. But why do shoppers need to return the products they ordered online? Most of the time, it is sizing problems. The cheongsam dress they ordered in Singapore is either too big or small for their size. Maybe they receive the wrong product. And lastly, damage to the products.

Nevertheless, some of these errors are beyond our control, while others are preventable. This article will give tips on how to avoid these preventable online shopping mistakes.

Tips For An Error-Free Online Clothing Shopping In Singapore

Know your measurement.

The most preventable error is the sizing issues, not unless the fashion boutique in Singapore sends the wrong size instead of what was stated on the order form. It was the shop’s mistake.

Nevertheless, you can prevent this mistake on your end by knowing your measurement. Measurement does not only end with a small, medium, and large.

Take note, women fashion boutiques in Singapore follow either the US size chart or UK size chart. These size charts are different. The US size chart is usually two sizes smaller than the UK size chart. Also, men’s size chart, women’s size chart, and children’s are different.

What you can do is to get your size on both charts. Also, pay attention to the size chart of the fashion boutique you are shopping at.

Lastly, for more complex clothing, like corsets, undergarments, and a cheongsam dress in Singapore, it is better to get the exact measurement of your bust, the length of your shoulders, waist, and hips.

Familiarise yourself with fabrics.

In physical shopping, we have the liberty to inspect the fabric material used in the clothing. Check the cloth if it is soft on the skin or will cause irritants.

However, with online shopping, you only rely on the images and details about the clothing posted on the women fashion website in Singapore. Most websites indicate if the shirt or dress is 100% cotton, silk, or polyester.

Don’t rely on pictures alone. Some pants may mimic the denim look but are made of other materials.

It is better to familiarise yourself with the usual fabrics and how they feel on your skin. The most popular textiles are cotton, silk, wool, acetate, nylon, and polyester. You don’t have to guess about the overall comfort of the fabric and be disappointed once it arrives.

Look for videos and reviews.

Product shots aim to make the actual item look attractive to convince customers to purchase them. It is why some people are disappointed with the products, claiming the shirt is very far from what the product shots show.

Fortunately, there are fashion boutiques in Singapore that post catwalk videos of their clothes on their website. The customer can see how the cheongsam dress in Singapore looks when worn by a person.

If the website does not include catwalk videos, you can look at the feedback and review page. Some customers post unenhanced images of the product.

Keep tabs on your fashion boutique in Singapore.

Last but one of the most vital tips on our list is to take note of your previous purchase.

Make yourself a review book for each women fashion boutique in Singapore you ordered from where you can take note of how the clothes fit you, its size chart, the fabric materials, the cuts, and so on.

Having this review book is a great reference when shopping at other shops online. At the same time, you get to familiarise which websites give you the style that fits your taste and body.

Shopping for clothes online is easy-peasy. Buying shoes is the real challenge. The next part will give tips on how to purchase shoes online.


Tips For An Error-Free Online Footwear Shopping In Singapore

Know your foot measurement.

Similar to what was mentioned above, there are UK and US size charts for shoes, too. The US shoe size chart is half-inch bigger than the UK.

Before adding to cart that comfortable heels in Singapore, make sure to get your foot measurement for both charts. Don’t forget to check which chart your shoe shop is using.

If you are still unaware of your foot size, it is better to measure them at night. Our feet swell or grow in size at night.

It is ideal for people with foot conditions, like flat feet, to get foot dimensions. Foot dimensions include the girth of the foot, the arch of the sole, the circumference of the ankle, and the height of the shoe.

Take a look at the picture.

Rather than imagining what the shoe will look like on your feet, find a photo where a model wears the pair you are eyeing.

It will help you evaluate how it will appear on your feet and how the colour will complement your skin tone. Will it make your legs longer? Does it look comfortable to the feet?

Consult product review and feedback.

Customer reviews and feedback will give you a glimpse of the quality of the products and the store’s reputation. You can look at the star rating of your shop on the internet.

First-order test.

Before splurging out on shoes, try a cheaper pair from the same website. It is called the first-order test. It helps you evaluate the quality, sizing, and material. Generally, if the first-order test passes your test, don’t hesitate to buy those comfortable heels in Singapore.

Take advantage of online shopping today, especially with the pandemic still going on. Try these tips when shopping online and never have to return the items!

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